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2013Fish oil administration in older adults: is there potential for adverse events? A systematic review of the literatureVillani, A.; Crotty, M.; Cleland, L.; James, M.; Fraser, R.; Cobiac, L.; Miller, M.
2013Long-term outcomes following acute rejection in kidney transplant recipients: an ANZDATA analysisClayton, P.; Mcdonald, S.; Russ, G.; Chadban, S.; 49th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (09 Sep 2013 - 13 Sep 2013 : Brisbane, QLD)
2013Long-term outcomes following acute rejection in kidney transplant recipients: an ANZDATA analysisClayton, P.; McDonald, S.; Russ, G.; Chadban, S.; 13th American Transplant Congress (ATC) (18 May 2013 - 22 May 2013 : Seattle, WA)
2013Bardoxolone methyl in type 2 diabetes and stage 4 chronic kidney diseaseDe Zeeuw, D.; Akizawa, T.; Audhya, P.; Bakris, G.; Chin, M.; Christ-Schmidt, H.; Goldsberry, A.; Houser, M.; Krauth, M.; Lambers Heerspink, H.; McMurray, J.; Meyer, C.; Parving, H.; Remuzzi, G.; Toto, R.; Vaziri, N.; Wanner, C.; Wittes, J.; Wrolstad, D.; Chertow, G.; et al.
2013Long-term outcomes of catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: a systematic review and meta-analysisGanesan, A.; Shipp, N.; Brooks, A.; Kuklik, P.; Lau, D.; Lim, H.; Sullivan, T.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sanders, P.
2013Fos-icking for control of angiogenesis: Increasing the longevity of peritoneal dialysisBonder, C.; Ebert, L.
2013Flt3 ligand expands CD4⁺FoxP3⁺ regulatory T cells in human subjectsKlein, O.; Ebert, L.; Zanker, D.; Woods, K.; Tan, B.; Fucikova, J.; Behren, A.; Davis, I.; Maraskovsky, E.; Chen, W.; Cebon, J.
2013A prediction model to identify patients at high risk for 30-day readmission after percutaneous coronary interventionWasfy, J.; Rosenfield, K.; Zelevinsky, K.; Sakhuja, R.; Lovett, A.; Spertus, J.; Wimmer, N.; Mauri, L.; Normand, S.; Yeh, R.
2013Pain relief and opioid requirements in the first 24 hours after surgery in patients taking buprenorphine and methadone opioid substitution therapyMacintyre, P.; Russell, R.; Usher, K.; Gaughwin, M.; Huxtable, C.
2013Temporal and comparative outcomes of cardiac electrophysiology abstractsWong, C.; Sun, M.; Cheng, Y.; Dang, J.; Barlow, D.; Chia, N.; Wong, N.; Wong, M.; Lau, D.; Brooks, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Sanders, P.