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2013Effects of daily iron supplementation in 2- to 5-year-old children: systematic review and meta-analysisThompson, J.; Biggs, B.; Pasricha, S.
2013Radiation treatment compliance in the Indigenous population: the pilot Northern Territory experience and future directionsLe, H.; Penniment, M.; Carruthers, S.; Roos, D.; Sullivan, T.; Baxi, S.
2013Intracoronary ECG during primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction predicts microvascular obstruction and infarct sizeWong, T.; Leung, M.; Das, R.; Liew, G.; Teo, K.; Chew, D.; Meredith, I.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.
2013Chemoimmunotherapy with GA101 plus chlorambucil in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and comorbidity: results of the CLL11 (BO21004) safety run-inGoede, V.; Fischer, K.; Busch, R.; Jaeger, U.; Dilhuydy, M.; Wickham, N.; De Guibert, S.; Ritgen, M.; Langerak, A.; Bieska, G.; Engelke, A.; Humphrey, K.; Wenger, M.; Hallek, M.
2013The lambeth conventions (II): guidelines for the study of animal and human ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmiasCurtis, M.; Hancox, J.; Farkas, A.; Wainwright, C.; Stables, C.; Saint, D.; Clements-Jewery, H.; Lambiase, P.; Billman, G.; Janse, M.; Pugsley, M.; Ng, G.; Roden, D.; Camm, A.; Walker, M.
2013Morphological and molecular changes in aging rat prelimbic prefrontal cortical synapsesBloss, E.; Puri, R.; Yuk, F.; Punsoni, M.; Hara, Y.; Janssen, W.; McEwen, B.; Morrison, J.
2013Measurement accuracy of a stand-alone oscillometric central blood pressure monitor: A validation report for microlife WatchBP office centralCheng, Hao-Min; Sung, Shih-Hsien; Shih, Yuan-Ta; Chuang, Shao-Yuan; Yu, Wen-Chung; Chen, Chen-Huan
2013Accumulation of effector memory CD8⁺ T cells in nasal polypsPant, H.; Hughes, A.; Miljkovic, D.; Schembri, M.; Wormald, P.; Macardle, P.; Grose, R.; Zola, H.; Krumbiegel, D.
2013The innocent bystander: papillary fibroelastomaLi, A.; Azarisman, S.; Teo, K.; Worthley, M.; Sidharta, S.; Glenie, T.; Samaraie, L.; Chuah, S.; Bailie, T.; Stuklis, R.; Worthley, S.
2013Allergic contact dermatitis to indium in jewellery: diagnosis made possible through the use of the Contact Allergen Bank AustraliaGamboni, S.; Simmons, I.; Palmer, A.; Nixon, R.