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2013Impairment of the PPARa/PGC1a axis compromises mitochondrial biogenesis and function in hearts with cardiomyocyte-specific fatty acid transport protein 1 (FATP1) overexpressionElezaby, A.; Sverdlov, A.; Tu, V.; Soni, K.; Liesa, M.; Shirihai, O.; Colucci, W.; Miller, E.; American Heart Association 2013 Scientific Sessions and Resuscitation Science Symposium (16 Nov 2013 - 17 Nov 2013 : Dallas, TX)
2013"It's just a big bone island ... isn't it?" - sclerotic lesions of the jawsConstantine, S.; Clark, B.; Radiological Society of North America Meeting (RSNA 2013) (01 Dec 2013 - 06 Dec 2013 : Chicago, USA)
2013The Australian Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Registry - A national collaboration provides epidemiological insights and research opportunitiesMacansh, S.; Glaspole, I.; Goh, N.; Hopkins, P.; Moodley, Y.; Reynolds, P.; Walters, E.; Wood-Baker, R.; Zappala, C.; Chapman, S.; Cooper, W.; Darbishire, W.; Ellis, S.; Mahar, A.; Fuller, J.; McAlister, M.; Stevens, E.; Symons, K.; Webster, S.; Corte, T.; American Thoracic Society International Conference (ATS 2013) (17 May 2013 - 22 May 2013 : Philadelphia, PA)
2013Vitamin D supplementation in healthy adults lowers plasma Thrombospondin-1 levels: a novel vitamin D target?Amarasekera, A.; Black, M.; Jansen, F.; Dymmott, G.; Roberts, M.; Chirkov, Y.; Horowitz, J.; Ngo, D.; American Heart Association 2013 Scientific Sessions and Resuscitation Science Symposium (16 Nov 2013 - 17 Nov 2013 : Dallas, TX)
2013Informed consent in TURP - should structured written consent be the minimum standard of practice in the 21st century?West, C.; Moretti, K.; Spernat, D.; Miller, J.; Lloyd, M.; Landers, B.; Porter, A.; 66th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (13 Apr 2013 - 16 Apr 2013 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2013PCR-mediated recombination can lead to artificial chimera formation, which may pose as BCR-ABL1 compound mutationsParker, W.; Phillis, S.; Yeung, D.; Hughes, T.; Scott, H.; Branford, S.; 55th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exhibition (07 Dec 2013 - 10 Dec 2013 : New Orleans, Louisiana)
2013Acute ST-segment myocardial infarction-evolution of treatment strategiesWong, D.T.; Puri, R.; Psaltis, P.J.; Worthley, S.G.; Worthley, M.I.
2013Prolonged hypocalcemia following denosumab therapy in metastatic hormone refractory prostate cancerMilat, F.; Goh, S.; Gani, L.; Suriadi, C.; Gillespie, M.; Fuller, P.; Teede, H.; Strickland, A.; Allan, C.
2013A pathway-based analysis provides additional support for an immune-related genetic susceptibility to Parkinsons diseaseHolmans, P.; Moskvina, V.; Jones, L.; Sharma, M.; Vedernikov, A.; Buchel, F.; Sadd, M.; Bras, J.M.; Bettella, F.; Nicolaou, N.; Simon-Sanchez, J.; Mittag, F.; Gibbs, J.R.; Schulte, C.; Durr, A.; Guerreiro, R.; Hernandez, D.; Brice, A.; Stefansson, H.; Majamaa, K.; et al.
2013A novel prion disease associated with diarrhea and autonomic neuropathyMead, S.; Gandhi, S.; Beck, J.; Caine, D.; Gallujipali, D.; Carswell, C.; Hyare, H.; Joiner, S.; Ayling, H.; Lashley, T.; Linehan, J.M.; Al-Doujaily, H.; Sharps, B.; Revesz, T.; Sandberg, M.K.; Reilly, M.M.; Koltzenburg, M.; Forbes, A.; Rudge, P.; Brandner, S.; et al.