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2014Spontaneous regression of a biopsy confirmed hepatocellular carcinomaBhardwaj, N.; Li, M.; Price, T.; Maddern, G.
2014Authors' replyPrice, T.; Peeters, M.; Ruff, P.; Murugappan, S.; Sidhu, R.
2014Equivalence of outcomes for rural and metropolitan patients with metastatic colorectal cancer in South AustraliaHocking, C.; Broadbridge, V.; Karapetis, C.; Beeke, C.; Padbury, R.; Maddern, G.; Roder, D.; Price, T.
2014Circulating tumour cells: the evolving concept and the inadequacy of their enrichment by EpCAM-based methodology for basic and clinical cancer researchGrover, P.; Cummins, A.; Price, T.; Roberts-Thomson, I.; Hardingham, J.
2014Can we accurately report PTEN status in advanced colorectal cancer?Hocking, C.; Hardingham, J.; Broadbridge, V.; Wrin, J.; Townsend, A.; Tebbutt, N.; Cooper, J.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Lee, C.; Price, T.
2014A descriptive study of persistent oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy in patients with colorectal cancerVatandoust, S.; Joshi, R.; Pitman, K.; Esterman, A.; Broadbridge, V.; Adams, J.; Singhal, N.; Yeend, S.; Price, T.
2014Colorectal cancer survival: an analysis of patients with metastatic disease synchronous and metachronous with the primary tumorKumar, R.; Price, T.; Beeke, C.; Jain, K.; Patel, G.; Padbury, R.; Young, G.; Roder, D.; Townsend, A.; Bishnoi, S.; Karapetis, C.
2014Proangiogenic tumor proteins as potential predictive or prognostic biomarkers for bevacizumab therapy in metastatic colorectal cancerBruhn, M.; Townsend, A.; Khoon Lee, C.; Shivasami, A.; Price, T.; Wrin, J.; Arentz, G.; Tebbutt, N.; Hocking, C.; Cunningham, D.; Hardingham, J.
2014Final results of Australasian Gastrointestinal Trials Group ARCTIC study: an audit of raltitrexed for patients with cardiac toxicity induced by fluoropyrimidinesRansom, D.; Wilson, K.; Fournier, M.; Simes, R.; Gebski, V.; Yip, D.; Tebbutt, N.; Karapetis, C.; Ferry, D.; Gordon, S.; Price, T.