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2014Global, regional, and national incidence and mortality for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria during 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013Murray, C.; Ortblad, K.; Guinovart, C.; Lim, S.; Wolock, T.; Roberts, D.; Dansereau, E.; Graetz, N.; Barber, R.; Brown, J.; Wang, H.; Duber, H.; Naghavi, M.; Dicker, D.; Dandona, L.; Salomon, J.; Heuton, K.; Foreman, K.; Phillips, D.; Fleming, T.; et al.
2014Connective tissue disease related interstitial lung diseases and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: provisional core sets of domains and instruments for use in clinical trialsSaketkoo, L.; Mittoo, S.; Huscher, D.; Khanna, D.; Dellaripa, P.; Distler, O.; Flaherty, K.; Frankel, S.; Oddis, C.; Denton, C.; Fischer, A.; Kowal-Bielecka, O.; Lesage, D.; Merkel, P.; Phillips, K.; Pittrow, D.; Swigris, J.; Antoniou, K.; Baughman, R.; Castelino, F.; et al.
2014Global, regional, and national levels of neonatal, infant, and under-5 mortality during 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013Wang, H.; Liddell, C.; Coates, M.; Mooney, M.; Levitz, C.; Schumacher, A.; Apfel, H.; Iannarone, M.; Phillips, B.; Lofgren, K.; Sandar, L.; Dorrington, R.; Rakovac, I.; Jacobs, T.; Liang, X.; Zhou, M.; Zhu, J.; Yang, G.; Wang, Y.; Liu, S.; et al.
2014Antepartum dalteparin versus no antepartum dalteparin for the prevention of pregnancy complications in pregnant women with thrombophilia (TIPPS): a multinational open-label randomised trialRodger, M.; Hague, W.; Kingdom, J.; Kahn, S.; Karovitch, A.; Sermer, M.; Clement, A.; Coat, S.; Chan, W.; Said, J.; Rey, E.; Robinson, S.; Khurana, R.; Demers, C.; Kovacs, M.; Solymoss, S.; Hinshaw, K.; Dwyer, J.; Smith, G.; McDonald, S.; et al.
2014Common variants near ABCA1, AFAP1 and GMDS confer risk of primary open-angle glaucomaGharahkhani, P.; Burdon, K.; Fogarty, R.; Sharma, S.; Hewitt, A.; Martin, S.; Law, M.; Cremin, K.; Bailey, J.; Loomis, S.; Pasquale, L.; Haines, J.; Hauser, M.; Viswanathan, A.; McGuffin, P.; Topouzis, F.; Foster, P.; Graham, S.; Casson, R.; Chehade, M.; et al.
2014Activation of adult rat CNS endothelial cells by opioid-induced toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) signaling induces proinflammatory, biochemical, morphological, and behavioral sequelaeGrace, P.; Ramos, K.; Rodgers, K.; Wang, X.; Hutchinson, M.; Lewis, M.; Morgan, K.; Kroll, J.; Taylor, F.; Strand, K.; Zhang, Y.; Berkelhammer, D.; Huey, M.; Greene, L.; Cochran, T.; Yin, H.; Barth, D.; Johnson, K.; Rice, K.; Maier, S.; et al.
2014Risk of colorectal cancer for carriers of mutations in MUTYH, with and without a family history of cancerWin, A.; Dowty, J.; Cleary, S.; Kim, H.; Buchanan, D.; Young, J.; Clendenning, M.; Rosty, C.; MacInnis, R.; Giles, G.; Boussioutas, A.; MaCrae, F.; Parry, S.; Goldblatt, J.; Baron, J.; Burnett, T.; Le Marchand, L.; Newcomb, P.; Haile, R.; Hopper, J.; et al.
2014Polygenic overlap between kidney function and large artery atherosclerotic strokeHolliday, E.; Traylor, M.; Malik, R.; Bevan, S.; Maguire, J.; Koblar, S.; Sturm, J.; Hankey, G.; Oldmeadow, C.; McEvoy, M.; Sudlow, C.; Rothwell, P.; Coresh, J.; Hamet, P.; Tremblay, J.; Turner, S.; De Andrade, M.; Rao, M.; Schmidt, R.; Crick, P.; et al.
2014Nonsense mutations in the shelterin complex genes ACD and TERF2IP in familial melanomaAoude, L.; Pritchard, A.; Robles-Espinoza, C.; Wadt, K.; Harland, M.; Choi, J.; Gartside, M.; Quesada, V.; Johansson, P.; Palmer, J.; Ramsay, A.; Zhang, X.; Jones, K.; Symmons, J.; Holland, E.; Schmid, H.; Bonazzi, V.; Woods, S.; Dutton-Regester, K.; Stark, M.; et al.
2014Perioperative aspirin and clonidine and risk of acute kidney injury: a randomized clinical trialGarg, A.; Kurz, A.; Sessler, D.; Cuerden, M.; Robinson, A.; Mrkobrada, M.; Parikh, C.; Mizera, R.; Jones, P.; Tiboni, M.; Font, A.; Cegarra, V.; Gomez, M.; Meyhoff, C.; VanHelder, T.; Chan, M.; Torres, D.; Parlow, J.; Clanchet, M.; Amir, M.; et al.