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2014School-age outcomes of very preterm infants after antenatal treatment with magnesium sulfate vs placeboDoyle, L.; Anderson, P.; Haslam, R.; Lee, K.; Crowther, C.; Darlow, B.; Austin, N.; French, N.; Campbell, C.; Carse, E.; Hayes, M.; Harding, J.; McKinlay, C.; Bevan, C.; De Paoli, A.; Sutton, L.; Rieger, I.; Wocadlo, C.; Colditz, P.; Pritchard, M.; et al.
2014SPINK1 protein expression and prostate cancer progressionFlavin, R.; Pettersson, A.; Hendrickson, W.; Fiorentino, M.; Finn, S.; Kunz, L.; Judson, G.; Lis, R.; Bailey, D.; Fiore, C.; Nuttall, E.; Martin, N.; Stack, E.; Penney, K.; Rider, J.; Sinnott, J.; Sweeney, C.; Sesso, H.; Fall, K.; Giovannucci, E.; et al.
2014Cabozantinib in chemotherapy-pretreated metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: results of a phase II nonrandomized expansion studySmith, M.; Sweeney, C.; Corn, P.; Rathkopf, D.; Smith, D.; Hussain, M.; George, D.; Higano, C.; Harzstark, A.; Sartor, A.; Vogelzang, N.; Gordon, M.; De Bono, J.; Haas, N.; Logothetis, C.; Elfiky, A.; Scheffold, C.; Laird, A.; Schimmoller, F.; Basch, E.; et al.
2014Procalcitonin algorithm in critically ill adults with undifferentiated infection or suspected sepsis: a randomized controlled trialShehabi, Y.; Sterba, M.; Garrett, P.; Rachakonda, K.; Stephens, D.; Harrigan, P.; Walker, A.; Bailey, M.; Johnson, B.; Millis, D.; Ding, G.; Peake, S.; Wong, H.; Thomas, J.; Smith, K.; Forbes, L.; Hardie, M.; Micallef, S.; Fraser, J.; Cheng, R.; et al.
2014A randomized, open-label, multicentre, phase 2/3 study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of lumiliximab in combination with fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and rituximab versus fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and rituximab alone in subjects with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukaemiaAwan, F.; Hillmen, P.; Hellmann, A.; Robak, T.; Hughes, S.; Trone, D.; Shannon, M.; Flinn, I.; Byrd, J.; Riveros, D.; Pavlovsky, S.; Iastrebner, C.; Carney, D.; Deveridge, S.; Durrant, S.; Hahn, U.; Hertzberg, M.; Leahy, M.; Ma, D.; Marlton, P.; et al.
2014What do infectious diseases physicians do? A 2-week snapshot of inpatient consultative activities across Australia, New Zealand and SingaporeIngram, P.; Cheng, A.; Murray, R.; Blyth, C.; Walls, T.; Fisher, D.; Davis, J.; Abbott, I.; Kanapathipillai, R.; Madigan, V.; McLellan, D.; Briggs, S.; King, C.; Hurley, J.; Lim, L.; Kennedy, K.; Wilson, H.; Evans, T.; Maze, M.; Pithie, A.; et al.
2014Involving women in personalised decision-making on mode of delivery after caesarean section: the development and pilot testing of a patient decision aidSchoorel, E.; Vankan, E.; Scheepers, H.; Augustijn, B.; Dirksen, C.; De Koning, M.; Van Kuijk, S.; Kwee, A.; Melman, S.; Nijhuis, J.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Hasaart, T.; Mol, B.; Nieuwenhuijze, M.; Van Pampus, M.; Van Roosmalen, J.; Roumen, F.; De Vries, R.; Wouters, M.; et al.
2014Aspirin and clonidine in non-cardiac surgery: acute kidney injury substudy protocol of the Perioperative Ischaemic Evaluation (POISE) 2 randomised controlled trialGarg, A.; Kurz, A.; Sessler, D.; Cuerden, M.; Robinson, A.; Mrkobrada, M.; Parikh, C.; Mizera, R.; Jones, P.; Tiboni, M.; Rodriguez, R.; Popova, E.; Gomez, M.; Meyhoff, C.; Vanhelder, T.; Chan, M.; Torres, D.; Parlow, J.; De Nadal Clanchet, M.; Amir, M.; et al.
2014Clonidine in patients undergoing noncardiac surgeryDevereaux, P.; Sessler, D.; Leslie, K.; Kurz, A.; Mrkobrada, M.; Alonso-Coello, P.; Villar, J.; Sigamani, A.; Biccard, B.; Meyhoff, C.; Parlow, J.; Guyatt, G.; Robinson, A.; Garg, A.; Rodseth, R.; Botto, F.; Buse, G.L.; Xavier, D.; Chan, M.; Tiboni, M.; et al.
2014Aspirin in patients undergoing noncardiac surgeryDevereaux, P.; Mrkobrada, M.; Sessler, D.; Leslie, K.; Alonso-Coello, P.; Kurz, A.; Villar, J.; Sigamani, A.; Biccard, B.; Meyhoff, C.; Parlow, J.; Guyatt, G.; Robinson, A.; Garg, A.; Rodseth, R.; Botto, F.; Buse, G.L.; Xavier, D.; Chan, M.; Tiboni, M.; et al.