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2014Isolated hypertrophy of the basal ventricular septum: characteristics of patients with and without outflow tract obstructionRanasinghe, I.; Ayoub, C.; Cheruvu, C.; Freedman, S.; Yiannikas, J.
2014MRI scans significantly change target coverage decisions in radical radiotherapy for prostate cancerChang, J.; Lim Joon, D.; Nguyen, B.; Hiew, C.; Esler, S.; Angus, D.; Chao, M.; Wada, M.; Quong, G.; Khoo, V.
2014Olfactory outcomes in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis after medical treatments: a systematic review and meta-analysisBanglawala, S.; Oyer, S.; Lohia, S.; Psaltis, A.; Soler, Z.; Schlosser, R.
2014International comparative evaluation of knee replacement with fixed or mobile-bearing posterior-stabilized prosthesesGraves, S.; Sedrakyan, A.; Baste, V.; Gioe, T.; Namba, R.; Cruz, O.; Stea, S.; Paxton, E.; Banerjee, S.; Isaacs, A.; Robertsson, O.
2014International comparative evaluation of fixed-bearing non-posterior-stabilized and posterior-stabilized total knee replacementsComfort, T.; Baste, V.; Froufe, M.; Namba, R.; Bordini, B.; Robertsson, O.; Cafri, G.; Paxton, E.; Sedrakyan, A.; Graves, S.
2014Insulin- like growth factor- II ( IGF- II) and IGF- II analogs with enhanced insulin receptor- a binding affinity promote neural stem cell expansionZiegler, A.N.; Chidambaram, S.; Forbes, B.E.; Wood, T.L.; Levison, S.W.
2014Association between alcohol and cardiovascular disease: Mendelian randomisation analysis based on individual participant dataHolmes, M.; Dale, C.; Zuccolo, L.; Silverwood, R.; Guo, Y.; Ye, Z.; Prieto-Merino, D.; Dehghan, A.; Trompet, S.; Wong, A.; Cavadino, A.; Drogan, D.; Padmanabhan, S.; Li, S.; Yesupriya, A.; Leusink, M.; Sundstrom, J.; Hubacek, J.; Pikhart, H.; Swerdlow, D.; et al.
2014Pkd1 regulates lymphatic vascular morphogenesis during developmentCoxam, B.; Sabine, A.; Bower, N.; Smith, K.; Pichol-Thievend, C.; Skoczylas, R.; Astin, J.; Frampton, E.; Jaquet, M.; Crosier, P.; Parton, R.; Harvey, N.; Petrova, T.; Schulte-Merker, S.; Francois, M.; Hogan, B.
2014Reduced-intensity hematopoietic cell transplantation for patients with primary myelofibrosis: a cohort analysis from the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant ResearchGupta, V.; Malone, A.; Hari, P.; Ahn, K.; Hu, Z.; Gale, R.; Ballen, K.; Hamadani, M.; Olavarria, E.; Gerds, A.; Waller, E.; Costa, L.; Antin, J.; Kamble, R.; van Besien, K.; Savani, B.; Schouten, H.; Szer, J.; Cahn, J.; de Lima, M.; et al.
2014Does total body irradiation conditioning improve outcomes of myeloablative human leukocyte antigen-identical sibling transplantations for chronic lymphocytic leukemia?Sabloff, M.; Sobecks, R.; Ahn, K.; Zhu, X.; de Lima, M.; Brown, J.; Inamoto, Y.; Holland, H.; Aljurf, M.; Laughlin, M.; Kamble, R.; Hsu, J.; Wirk, B.; Seftel, M.; Lewis, I.; Arora, M.; Alyea, E.; Kalaycio, M.; Cortes, J.; Maziarz, R.; et al.