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2014Zinc and zinc transporters in macrophages and their roles in efferocytosis in COPDHamon, R.; Homan, C.; Tran, H.; Mukaro, V.; Lester, S.; Roscioli, E.; Bosco, M.; Murgia, C.; Ackland, M.; Jersmann, H.; Lang, C.; Zalewski, P.; Hodge, S.
2014Study design of embracing high-sensitivity troponin effectively: the value of more information: a randomized comparisonAstley, C.; Beltrame, J.; Zeitz, C.; Worthley, M.; Coates, P.; Murray, A.; Arstall, M.; Grantham, H.; Dunn, R.; Quinn, S.; Aylward, P.; Chew, D.
2014A modified ulnar translocation reconstruction technique for campanacci grade 3 giant cell tumors of the distal radius using a clover leaf plateMcLean, J.; Clayer, M.; Stevenson, A.; Samson, A.
2014Women's experiences of polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosisGibson-Helm, M.E.; Lucas, I.M.; Boyle, J.A.; Teede, H.J.
2014Dbx1 is a direct target of SOX3 in the spinal cordRogers, N.; McAninch, D.; Thomas, P.
2014Characterization of a resident population of adventitial macrophage progenitor cells in postnatal vasculaturePsaltis, P.; Puranik, A.; Spoon, D.; Chue, C.; Hoffman, S.; Witt, T.; Delacroix, S.; Kleppe, L.; Mueske, C.; Pan, S.; Gulati, R.; Simari, R.
2014Electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering of vascular graftsHasan, A.; Memic, A.; Annabi, N.; Hossain, M.; Paul, A.; Dokmeci, M.; Dehghani, F.; Khademhosseini, A.
2014Magnetic resonance-derived circumferential strain provides a superior and incremental assessment of improvement in contractile function in patients early after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctionWong, T.; Leong, D.; Weightman, M.; Richardson, J.; Dundon, B.; Psaltis, P.; Leung, M.; Meredith, I.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.
2014Loss of long term protection with the inclusion of HIV pol to a DNA vaccine encoding gagGarrod, T.; Gargett, T.; Yu, W.; Major, L.; Burrell, C.; Wesselingh, S.; Suhrbier, A.; Grubor-Bauk, B.; Gowans, E.
2014A novel challenge model to evaluate the efficacy of hepatitis C virus vaccines in miceYu, W.; Grubor-Bauk, B.; Gargett, T.; Garrod, T.; Gowans, E.