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2014Costs and consequences: a review of discharge opioid prescribing for ongoing management of acute painMacintyre, P.; Huxtable, C.; Flint, S.; Dobbin, M.
2014What sort of follow-up services would Australian breast cancer survivors prefer if we could no longer offer long-term specialist-based care? A discrete choice experimentBessen, T.; Chen, G.; Street, J.; Eliott, J.; Karnon, J.; Keefe, D.; Ratcliffe, J.
2014Deep molecular responses achieved in patients with CML-CP who are switched to nilotinib after long-term imatinibHughes, T.; Lipton, J.; Spector, N.; Cervantes, F.; Pasquini, R.; Clementino, N.; Dorlhiac Llacer, P.; Schwarer, A.; Mahon, F.; Rea, D.; Branford, S.; Purkayastha, D.; Collins, L.; Szczudlo, T.; Leber, B.
2014SCF-FBXO31 E3 ligase targets DNA replication factor Cdt1 for proteolysis in the G2 phase of cell cycle to prevent Re-replicationJohansson, P.; Jeffery, J.; Al-Ejeh, F.; Schulz, R.; Callen, D.; Kumar, R.; Khanna, K.
2014Frailty and functional decline indices predict poor outcomes in hospitalised older peopleDent, E.; Chapman, I.; Howell, S.; Piantadosi, C.; Visvanathan, R.
2014Many BCR-ABL1 compound mutations reported in chronic myeloid leukemia patients may actually be artifacts due to PCR-mediated recombinationParker, W.; Phillis, S.; Yeung, D.; Hughes, T.; Scott, H.; Branford, S.
2014A patient-level calibration framework for evaluating surveillance strategies: a case study of mammographic follow-up after early breast cancerBessen, T.; Karnon, J.
2014Surgical simulation training: mobile and anywherePena, G.; Altree, M.; Babldge, W.; Maddern, G.
2014Long-term survival and dialysis dependency following acute kidney injury in intensive care: extended follow-up of a randomized controlled trialGallagher, M.; Cass, A.; Bellomo, R.; Finfer, S.; Gattas, D.; Lee, J.; Lo, S.; McGuinness, S.; Myburgh, J.; Parke, R.; Rajbhandari, D.
2014Calorie intake and patient outcomes in severe acute kidney injury: findings from the Randomized Evaluation of Normal vs. Augmented Level of Replacement Therapy (RENAL) study trialBellomo, R.; Cass, A.; Cole, L.; Finfer, S.; Gallagher, M.; Lee, J.; Lo, S.; McArthur, C.; McGuinness, S.; Myburgh, J.; Norton, R.; Scheinkestel, C.; RENAL Study Investigators