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2014Geriatric medicine course to senior undergraduate medical students improves attitude and self-perceived competency scoresTam, K.; Chandran, K.; Yu, S.; Nair, S.; Visvanathan, R.
2014Identifying direct miRNA-mRNA causal regulatory relationships in heterogeneous dataZhang, J.; Thuc, D.; Liu, L.; Liu, B.; He, J.; Goodall, G.; Li, J.
2014Influences on decision for mastectomy in patients eligible for breast conserving surgeryRippy, E.; Ainsworth, R.; Sathananthan, D.; Kollias, J.; Bochner, M.; Whitfield, R.
2014Direct transcriptional regulation by nuclear microRNAsSalmanidis, M.; Pillman, K.; Goodall, G.; Bracken, C.
2014Probability of severe adverse events as a function of hospital occupancyBoyle, J.; Zeitz, K.; Hoffman, R.; Khanna, S.; Beltrame, J.
2014Isolated non-hepatic metastasis from upper gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma: a case for surgical resectionKiu, A.; Lord, A.; Trochsler, M.; Maddern, G.; Kanhere, H.
2014BK virus encoded MicroRNAs are present in blood of renal transplant recipients with BK viral nephropathyLi, J.; McNicholas, K.; Yong, T.; Rao, N.; Coates, P.; Higgins, G.; Carroll, R.; Woodman, R.; Michael, M.; Gleadle, J.
2014Renal-limited thrombotic microangiopathy and acute interstitial nephritis with a single dose of quinineAnjelo, J.; Rao, N.; David, V.; Otto, S.; Russ, G.
2014"Pool of Responsibility": A new approach to doping preventionHermann, A.
2014Zinc and zinc transporters in macrophages and their roles in efferocytosis in COPDHamon, R.; Homan, C.; Tran, H.; Mukaro, V.; Lester, S.; Roscioli, E.; Bosco, M.; Murgia, C.; Ackland, M.; Jersmann, H.; Lang, C.; Zalewski, P.; Hodge, S.