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2014Long-term omega-3 supplementation modulates behavior, hippocampal fatty acid concentration, neuronal progenitor proliferation and central TNF-alpha expression in 7 month old unchallenged miceGrundy, T.; Toben, C.; Jaehne, E.; Corrigan, F.; Baune, B.
2014Inflammasomes in neuroinflammation and changes in brain function: a focused reviewSinghal, G.; Jaehne, E.; Corrigan, F.; Toben, C.; Baune, B.
2014A pathogenic progranulin mutation and C9orf72 repeat expansion in a family with frontotemporal dementiaLashley, T.; Rohrer, J.; Mahoney, C.; Gordon, E.; Beck, J.; Mead, S.; Warren, J.; Rossor, M.; Revesz, T.
2014Impact of intraoperative hydrodebrider treatment on postoperative sinonasal inflammationBanglawala, S.; Mulligan, J.; Psaltis, A.; Wang, E.; Nguyen, S.; Mulligan, R.; Crosby, B.; Schlosser, R.
2014Altered pharmacokinetics of piperacillin in febrile neutropenic patients with hematological malignancySime, F.; Roberts, M.; Warner, M.; Hahn, U.; Robertson, T.; Yeend, S.; Phay, A.; Lehman, S.; Lipman, J.; Peake, S.; Roberts, J.
2014Admission high serum sodium is not associated with increased intensive care unit mortality risk in respiratory patientsBihari, S.; Peake, S.; Bailey, M.; Pilcher, D.; Prakash, S.; Bersten, A.
2014Procalcitonin algorithm in critically ill adults with undifferentiated infection or suspected sepsis: a randomized controlled trialShehabi, Y.; Sterba, M.; Garrett, P.; Rachakonda, K.; Stephens, D.; Harrigan, P.; Walker, A.; Bailey, M.; Johnson, B.; Millis, D.; Ding, G.; Peake, S.; Wong, H.; Thomas, J.; Smith, K.; Forbes, L.; Hardie, M.; Micallef, S.; Fraser, J.; Cheng, R.; et al.
2014Sodium administration in critically ill paediatric patients in Australia and New Zealand: a multicentre point prevalence studyBihari, S.; Festa, M.; Peake, S.; Seppelt, I.; Williams, P.; Wilkins, B.; Bersten, A.
2014Anaesthesia-related haemodynamic complications in Williams syndrome patients: a review of one institution's experienceOlsen, M.; Fahy, C.; Costi, D.; Kelly, A.; Burgoyne, L.
2014The inducible caspase-9 suicide gene system as a 'safety switch' to limit on-target, off-tumor toxicities of chimeric antigen receptor T cellsGargett, T.; Brown, M.