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2014Specific impairments in instrumental learning following chronic intermittent toluene inhalation in adolescent ratsDick, A.L.; Axelsson, M.; Lawrence, A.J.; Duncan, J.R.
2014De-Novo Advagraf immunosuppression in category III DCD kidney transplantation - a single centre experienceThanaraj, V.; Randhawa, N.; Knight, A.; Rigg, K.; Byrne, C.; McHaffie, G.; Bhattacharjya, S.; World Transplant Congress (26 Jul 2014 - 31 Jul 2014 : San Francisco, CA)
2014How to build trustworthy hepatitis C services in an opioid treatment clinic? A qualitative study of clients and health workers in a co-located settingTreloar, C.; Rance, J.; Haber, P.; Bath, N.; Day, C.; Dore, G.; Grebely, J.; Honey, C.; Krahn, M.; Lodge, M.; Loveday, S.; Micallef, M.; Thein, H.; Alavi, M.; Marks, P.; Jones, I.; Siriragavan, S.; Tamaddoni, M.; Abbott, P.; Balcomb, A.; et al.
2014TLR2 activation causes tachyphylaxis to β₂ -agonists in vitro and ex vivo: modelling bacterial exacerbationAlkhouri, H.; Rumzhum, N.; Rahman, M.; FitzPatrick, M.; de Pedro, M.; Oliver, B.; Brouke, J.; Ammit, A.
2014Antiangiogenic actions of vascular endothelial growth factor-A₁₆₅b, an inhibitory isoform of vascular endothelial growth factor-A, in human obesityNgo, D.; Farb, M.; Kikuchi, R.; Karki, S.; Tiwari, S.; Bigornia, S.; Bates, D.; LaValley, M.; Hamburg, N.; Vita, J.; Hess, D.; Walsh, K.; Gokce, N.
2014Intake of thickened liquids by hospitalized adults with dysphagia after strokeMurray, J.; Miller, M.; Doeltgen, S.; Scholten, I.
2014A survey of thickened fluid prescribing and monitoring practices of Australian health professionalsMurray, J.; Doeltgen, S.; Miller, M.; Scholten, I.
2014Impact of reirradiation of painful osseous metastases on quality of life and function: a secondary analysis of the NCIC CTG SC.20 randomized trialChow, E.; Meyer, R.; Chen, B.; van der Linden, Y.; Roos, D.; Hartsell, W.; Hoskin, P.; Wu, J.; Nabid, A.; Tissing-Tan, C.; Oei, B.; Babington, S.; Demas, W.; Wilson, C.; Wong, R.; Brundage, M.
2014Myoclonus associated with concomitant ciprofloxacin and oxycodone in an older patientGopal, G.; Hewton, C.; Shibu, P.
2014Hic-5 influences genomic and non-genomic actions of the androgen receptor in prostate myofibroblastsLeach, D.; Need, E.; Trotta, A.; Grubisha, M.; DeFranco, D.; Buchanan, G.