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2016The lingering impact of resolved PTSD on subsequent functioningBryant, R.; McFarlane, A.; Silove, D.; ODonnell, M.; Forbes, D.; Creamer, M.
2016Transitioning a home telehealth project into a sustainable, large-scale service: a qualitative studyWade, V.; Taylor, A.; Kidd, M.; Carati, C.
2016Evidence for central hypercortisolism and elevated blood pressure in adolescent offspring of mothers with pre-eclampsiaHenley, D.; Brown, S.; Pennell, C.; Lye, S.; Torpy, D.
2016Fryns syndrome associated with recessive mutations in PIGN in two separate familiesMcInerney-Leo, A.; Harris, J.; Gattas, M.; Peach, E.; Sinnott, S.; Dudding-Byth, T.; Rajagopalan, S.; Barnett, C.; Anderson, L.; Wheeler, L.; Brown, M.; Leo, P.; Wicking, C.; Duncan, E.
2016Stereotactic body radiotherapy for spinal metastases: what are the risks and how do we minimize them?Chang, J.; Shin, J.; Yamada, Y.; Mesfin, A.; Fehlings, M.; Rhines, L.; Sahgal, A.
2016Better colonisation of newly emerged Bordetella pertussis in the co-infection mouse model studySafarchi, A.; Octavia, S.; Luu, L.; Tay, C.; Sintchenko, V.; Wood, N.; Marshall, H.; McIntyre, P.; Lan, R.
2016Use of fluorescent nanoparticles to investigate nutrient acquisition by developing Eimeria maxima macrogametocytesFrölich, S.; Wallach, M.
2016Prior voluntary wheel running attenuates neuropathic painGrace, P.; Fabisiak, T.; Green-Fulgham, S.; Anderson, N.; Strand, K.; Kwilasz, A.; Galer, E.; Walker, F.; Greenwood, B.; Maier, S.; Fleshner, M.; Watkins, L.
2016Immunogenicity and persistence of immunity of a quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in immunocompromised childrenMacIntyre, C.; Shaw, P.; Mackie, F.; Boros, C.; Marshall, H.; Barnes, M.; Seale, H.; Kennedy, S.; Moa, A.; Hayen, A.; Chughtai, A.; O'Loughlin, E.; Stormon, M.
2016Dclk1 defines quiescent pancreatic progenitors that promote injury-induced regeneration and tumorigenesisWestphalen, C.; Takemoto, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Macchini, M.; Jiang, Z.; Renz, B.; Chen, X.; Ormanns, S.; Nagar, K.; Tailor, Y.; May, R.; Cho, Y.; Asfaha, S.; Worthley, D.; Hayakawa, Y.; Urbanska, A.; Quante, M.; Reichert, M.; Broyde, J.; Subramaniam, P.; et al.