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2018ProBDNF/p75NTR/sortilin pathway is activated in peripheral blood of patients with alcohol dependenceZhou, L.; Xiong, J.; Ruan, C.; Ruan, Y.; Liu, D.; Bao, J.; Zhou, X.
2018Functional characterization of novel NR5A1 variants reveals multiple complex roles in disorders of sex developmentRobevska, G.; van den Bergen, J.; Ohnesorg, T.; Eggers, S.; Hanna, C.; Hersmus, R.; Thompson, E.; Baxendale, A.; Verge, C.; Lafferty, A.; Marzuki, N.; Santosa, A.; Listyasari, N.; Riedl, S.; Warne, G.; Looijenga, L.; Faradz, S.; Ayers, K.; Sinclair, A.
2018Biofortification of cereals with foliar selenium and iodine could reduce hypothyroidismLyons, G.
2018Development and validation of the medication regimen simplification guide for residential aged CarE (MRS GRACE)Chen, E.; Sluggett, J.; Ilomäki, J.; Hilmer, S.; Corlis, M.; Picton, L.; Dean, L.; Alderman, C.; Farinola, N.; Gailer, J.; Grigson, J.; Kellie, A.; Putsey, P.; Yu, S.; Bell, J.
2018Randomized trial of division versus nondivision of short gastric vessels during Nissen fundoplication: 20-year outcomesKinsey-Trotman, S.; Devitt, P.; Bright, T.; Thompson, S.; Jamieson, G.; Watson, D.
2018Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG increases cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostaglandin E2 secretion in colonic myofibroblasts via a MyD88-dependent mechanism during homeostasisUribe, G.; Villéger, R.; Bressollier, P.; Dillard, R.; Worthley, D.; Wang, T.; Powell, D.; Urdaci, M.; Pinchuk, I.
2018Time-elapsed synchrotron-light microstructural imaging of femoral neck fractureMartelli, S.; Perilli, E.
2018Metabolic profiles of individuals switched to second-line antiretroviral therapy after failing standard first-line therapy for treatment of HIV-1 infection in a randomized, controlled trialYao, A.; Moore, C.; Lim, P.; Molina, J.-.M.; Madero, J.; Kerr, S.; Mallon, P.; Emery, S.; Cooper, D.; Boyd, M.
2018Discrete tomography in an in vivo small animal bone studyVan de Casteele, E.; Perilli, E.; Van Aarle, W.; Reynolds, K.; Sijbers, J.
2018Delay in commencement of palliative care service episodes provided to Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients: cross-sectional analysis of an Australian multi-jurisdictional datasetWoods, J.; Johnson, C.; Ngo, H.; Katzenellenbogen, J.; Murray, K.; Thompson, S.