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2018HAP1 is required for endocytosis and signalling of BDNF and its receptors in neuronsLim, Y.; Wu, L.; Chen, S.; Sun, Y.; Vijayaraj, S.; Yang, M.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Keating, D.; Li, X.; Zhou, X.
2018The persistence of growth impairments associated with adolescent inhalant abuse following sustained abstinenceCrossin, R.; Cairney, S.; John Lawrence, A.; Rubina Duncan, J.
2018Effect of acupuncture vs sham acupuncture on live births among women undergoing In Vitro Fertilization: a randomized clinical trialSmith, C.; de lacey, S.; Chapman, M.; Ratcliffe, J.; Norman, R.; Johnson, N.; Boothroyd, C.; Fahey, P.
2018Comprehensive study of the clinical phenotype of germline BAP1 variant-carrying families worldwideWalpole, S.; Pritchard, A.; Cebulla, C.; Pilarski, R.; Stautberg, M.; Davidorf, F.; de la Fouchardière, A.; Cabaret, O.; Golmard, L.; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D.; Garfield, E.; Njauw, C.; Cheung, M.; Turunen, J.; Repo, P.; Järvinen, R.; van Doorn, R.; Jager, M.; Luyten, G.; Marinkovic, M.; et al.
2018Improving pregnancy outcomes in humans through studies in sheepMorrison, J.L.; Berry, M.J.; Botting, K.J.; Darby, J.R.; Frasch, M.G.; Gatford, K.L.; Giussani, D.A.; Gray, C.L.; Harding, R.; Herrera, E.A.; Kemp, M.W.; Lock, M.C.; McMillen, I.C.; Moss, T.J.; Musk, G.C.; Oliver, M.H.; Regnault, T.R.; Roberts, C.T.; Soo, J.Y.; Tellam, R.L.
2018The higher osteoprotective activity of psoralidin in vivo than coumestrol is attributed by its presence of an isopentenyl group and through activated PI3K/Akt axisZhai, Y.; Wang, Q.; Li, Y.; Cui, J.; Feng, K.; Kong, X.; Xian, C.J.
2018A dual-mode mobile phone microscope using the onboard camera flash and ambient lightOrth, A.; Wilson, E.; Thompson, J.; Gibson, B.
2018Analysis combining correlated glaucoma traits identifies five new risk loci for open-angle glaucomaGharahkhani, P.; Burdon, K.; Cooke Bailey, J.; Hewitt, A.; Law, M.; Pasquale, L.; Kang, J.; Haines, J.; Souzeau, E.; Zhou, T.; Siggs, O.; Landers, J.; Awadalla, M.; Sharma, S.; Mills, R.; Ridge, B.; Lynn, D.; Casson, R.; Graham, S.; Goldberg, I.; et al.
20182017 HRS/EHRA/ECAS/APHRS/SOLAECE expert consensus statement on catheter and surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation: executive summaryCalkins, H.; Hindricks, G.; Cappato, R.; Kim, Y.-.H.; Saad, E.; Aguinaga, L.; Akar, J.; Badhwar, V.; Brugada, J.; Camm, J.; Chen, P.-.S.; Chen, S.-.A.; Chung, M.; Nielsen, J.; Curtis, A.; Davies, D.; Day, J.; d'Avila, A.; de Groot, N.; Di Biase, L.; et al.
2018Association between body mass index and all-cause mortality among oldest old ChineseWang, J.; Taylor, A.; Zhang, T.; Appleton, S.; Shi, Z.