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2018Comorbidity and cervical cancer survival of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian women: a semi-national registry-based cohort study (2003-2012)Diaz, A.; Baade, P.; Valery, P.; Whop, L.; Moore, S.; Cunningham, J.; Garvey, G.; Brotherton, J.; O'Connell, D.; Canfell, K.; Sarfati, D.; Roder, D.; Buckley, E.; Condon, J.
2018Association of polygenic score for schizophrenia and HLA antigen and inflammation genes with response to lithium in bipolar affective disorder: a genome-wide association studyAmare, A.; Schubert, K.; Hou, L.; Clark, S.; Papiol, S.; Heilbronner, U.; Degenhardt, F.; Tekola-Ayele, F.; Hsu, Y.-.H.; Shekhtman, T.; Adli, M.; Akula, N.; Akiyama, K.; Ardau, R.; Arias, B.; Aubry, J.-.M.; Backlund, L.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Bellivier, F.; Benabarre, A.; et al.
2018Brain renin-angiotensin system blockade attenuates methamphetamine-Induced hyperlocomotion and neurotoxicityJiang, L.; Zhu, R.; Bu, Q.; Li, Y.; Shao, X.; Gu, H.; Kong, J.; Luo, L.; Long, H.; Guo, W.; Tian, J.; Zhao, Y.; Cen, X.
2018The Adolescent Cardio-Renal Intervention Trial (AdDIT): retinal vascular geometry and renal function in adolescents with type 1 diabetesBenitez-Aguirre, P.; Wong, T.; Craig, M.; Davis, E.; Cotterill, A.; Couper, J.; Cameron, F.; Mahmud, F.; Jones, T.; Hodgson, L.; Dalton, R.; Dunger, D.; Donaghue, K.
2018Pain-causing venom peptides: insights into sensory neuron pharmacologyJami, S.; Erickson, A.; Brierley, S.; Vetter, I.
2018Global comparison of targeted alpha vs targeted beta therapy for cancer: in vitro, in vivo and clinical trialsMarcu, L.; Bezak, E.; Allen, B.
2018TRPV1 enhances the afferent response to P2X receptor activation in the mouse urinary bladderGrundy, L.; Daly, D.; Chapple, C.; Grundy, D.; Chess-Williams, R.
2018The reassuring potential of spinal imaging results: development and testing of a brief, psycho-education intervention for patients attending secondary careKarran, E.; Yau, Y.; Hillier, S.; Moseley, G.
2018Cancer incidence increasing globally: the role of relaxed natural selectionYou, W.; Henneberg, M.
2018Neurobehavioral impairment and CPAP treatment response in mild-moderate obstructive sleep apneaJackson, M.; McEvoy, R.; Banks, S.; Barnes, M.