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2018The general practice nurse workforce: estimating the future supplyHeywood, T.; Laurence, C.O.
2018Long-term follow-up of ICSI-conceived offspring compared with spontaneously conceived offspring: a systematic review of health outcomes beyond the neonatal periodCatford, S.; McLachlan, R.; O'Bryan, M.; Halliday, J.
2018Evidence for the domains supporting the construct of intrinsic capacityCesari, M.; De Carvalho, I.; Thiyagarajan, J.; Cooper, C.; Martin, F.; Reginster, J.; Vellas, B.; Beard, J.
2018Effects of intragastric administration of tryptophan on the blood glucose response to a nutrient drink and energy intake, in lean and obese menUllrich, S.; Fitzgerald, P.; Giesbertz, P.; Steinert, R.; Horowitz, M.; Feinle-Bisset, C.
2018Reduction in regulatory T cells in early pregnancy causes uterine artery dysfunction in miceCare, A.S.; Bourque, S.L.; Morton, J.S.; Hjartarson, E.P.; Robertson, S.A.; Davidge, S.T.
2018Nitrosative stress as a modulator of inflammatory change in a model of Takotsubo syndromeSurikow, S.; Nguyen, T.; Stafford, I.; Chapman, M.; Chacko, S.; Singh, K.; Licari, G.; Raman, B.; Kelly, D.; Zhang, Y.; Waddingham, M.; Ngo, D.; Bate, A.; Chua, S.; Frenneaux, M.; Horowitz, J.
2018Non-Gaussianity and cross-scale coupling in interplanetary magnetic field turbulence during a rope-rope magnetic reconnection eventMiranda, R.; Schelin, A.; Chian, A.; Ferreira, J.
2018Nonlinear coupled mechanics of nanotubes incorporating both nonlocal and strain gradient effectsGhayesh, M.; Farajpour, A.
2018Osteoblast derived-neurotrophin‑3 induces cartilage removal proteases and osteoclast-mediated function at injured growth plate in ratsSu, Y.; Chim, S.; Zhou, L.; Hassanshahi, M.; Chung, R.; Fan, C.; Song, Y.; Foster, B.; Prestidge, C.; Peymanfar, Y.; Tang, Q.; Butler, L.; Gronthos, S.; Chen, D.; Xie, Y.; Chen, L.; Zhou, X.; Xu, J.; Xian, C.
2018Functional differences in transport properties of natural HKT1; 1 variants influence shoot Na+ exclusion in grapevine rootstocksHenderson, S.W.; Dunlevy, J.D.; Wu, Y.; Blackmore, D.H.; Walker, R.R.; Edwards, E.J.; Gilliham, M.; Walker, A.R.