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2018Feasibility and acceptability of a proposed trial of acupuncture as an adjunct to lifestyle interventions for weight loss in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: a qualitative studyEe, C.; Smith, C.; Costello, M.; MacMillan, F.; Moran, L.; Baylock, B.; Teede, H.
2018Liver resection for colorectal cancer metastases: a comparison of outcomes over time in South AustraliaSultana, A.; Meng, R.; Piantadosi, C.; Brooke-Smith, M.; Chen, J.; Dolan, P.; Maddern, G.; Price, T.; Padbury, R.
2018Effect of evolocumab on coronary plaque compositionNicholls, S.; Puri, R.; Anderson, T.; Ballantyne, C.; Cho, L.; Kastelein, J.; Koenig, W.; Somaratne, R.; Kassahun, H.; Yang, J.; Wasserman, S.; Honda, S.; Shishikura, D.; Scherer, D.; Borgman, M.; Brennan, D.; Wolski, K.; Nissen, S.
2018A genome-wide association study of diabetic kidney disease in subjects with type 2 diabetesVan Zuydam, N.; Ahlqvist, E.; Sandholm, N.; Deshmukh, H.; William Rayner, N.; Abdalla, M.; Ladenvall, C.; Ziemek, D.; Fauman, E.; Robertson, N.; McKeigue, P.; Valo, E.; Forsblom, C.; Harjutsalo, V.; Perna, A.; Rurali, E.; Loredana Marcovecchio, M.; Igo, R.; Salem, R.; Perico, N.; et al.
2018Roles for endothelial zinc homeostasis in vascular physiology and coronary artery diseaseZalewski, P.; Beltrame, J.; Wawer, A.; Abdo, A.; Murgia, C.
2018Clinical and coronary haemodynamic determinants of recurrent chest pain in patients without obstructive coronary artery disease: a pilot studySheikh, A.; Zeitz, C.; Rajendran, S.; Tavella, R.; Di Fiore, D.; Beltrame, J.
2018Characterization of Tfrc-mutant mice with microcytic phenotypesConway, A.; Brown, F.; Rank, G.; Kile, B.; Morton, C.; Jane, S.; Curtis, D.
2018Ex vivo culture and lentiviral transduction of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) samplesMcClurg, U.; McCracken, S.; Butler, L.; Riabowol, K.; Binda, O.
2018Gene expression of inflammation markers in depressionCiobanu, L.G.; Baune, B.
2018Atrial remodeling and ectopic burden in recreational athletes: Implications for risk of atrial fibrillationElliott, A.; Mahajan, R.; Linz, D.; Stokes, M.; Verdicchio, C.; Middeldorp, M.; La Gerche, A.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.