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2012Age-dependent deamidation of glutamine residues in human γS crystallin: Deamidation and unstructured regionsHooi, M.; Raftery, M.; Truscott, R.
2019Aspirin in coronary artery surgery: 1-year results of the Aspirin and Tranexamic Acid for Coronary Artery Surgery trialMyles, P.; Smith, J.; Kasza, J.; Silbert, B.; Jayarajah, M.; Painter, T.; Cooper, D.; Marasco, S.; McNeil, J.; Bussières, J.; McGuinness, S.; Chan, M.; Wallace, S.; Forbes, A.
2016A randomised controlled trial of perineural vs intravenous dexamethasone for foot surgeryDawson, R.; Mcleod, D.; Koerber, J.; Plummer, J.; Dracopoulos, G.
2014Grip strength across the life course: normative data from twelve British studiesDodds, R.M.; Syddall, H.E.; Cooper, R.; Benzeval, M.; Deary, I.J.; Dennison, E.M.; Der, G.; Gale, C.R.; Inskip, H.M.; Jagger, C.; Kirkwood, T.B.; Lawlor, D.A.; Robinson, S.M.; Starr, J.M.; Steptoe, A.; Tilling, K.; Kuh, D.; Cooper, C.; Sayer, A.A.; British Geriatrics Society Communications to the Autumn Meeting (15 Oct 2014 - 17 Oct 2014 : Brighton, United Kingdom)
2013Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-coactivator-1 alpha coordinates sphingolipid metabolism, lipid raft composition and myelin protein synthesisCamacho, A.; Huang, J.; Delint-Ramirez, I.; Tan, C.; Fuller, M.; Lelliott, C.; Vidal-Puig, A.; Franklin, R.
2017Ginger-mechanism of action in chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: a reviewMarx, W.; Ried, K.; McCarthy, A.; Vitetta, L.; Sali, A.; McKavanagh, D.; Isenring, L.
2014Impact of a computer-based teaching module on characterization of diminutive colon polyps by using narrow-band imaging by non-experts in academic and community practice: a video-based studyRastogi, A.; Rao, D.; Gupta, N.; Grisolano, S.; Buckles, D.; Sidorenko, E.; Bonino, J.; Matsuda, T.; Dekker, E.; Kaltenbach, T.; Singh, R.; Wani, S.; Sharma, P.; Olyaee, M.; Bansal, A.; East, J.
2017Vaccine decision-making begins in pregnancy: correlation between vaccine concerns, intentions and maternal vaccination with subsequent childhood vaccine uptakeDanchin, M.; Costa-Pinto, J.; Atwell, K.; Willaby, H.; Wiley, K.; Hoq, M.; Leask, J.; Perrett, K.; O'Keefe, J.; Giles, M.; Marshall, H.
2016Toluene inhalation in adolescent rats reduces flexible behaviour in adulthood and alters glutamatergic and GABAergic signallingFurlong, T.; Duncan, J.; Corbit, L.; Rae, C.; Rowlands, B.; Maher, A.; Nasrallah, F.; Milligan, C.; Petrou, S.; Lawrence, A.; Balleine, B.
2015Prenatal nicotine exposure selectively affects nicotinic receptor expression in primary and associative visual cortices of the fetal baboonDuncan, J.; Garland, M.; Stark, R.; Myers, M.; Fifer, W.; Mokler, D.; Kinney, H.