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2015A tale of two siblings: two cases of AML arising from a single pre-leukemic DNMT3A mutant cloneHahn, C.; Ross, D.; Feng, J.; Beligaswatte, A.; Hiwase, D.; Parker, W.; Ho, M.; Zawitkowski, M.; Ambler, K.; Cheetham, G.; Lee, Y.; Babic, M.; Butcher, C.; Engler, G.; Brown, A.; D'Andrea, R.; Lewis, I.; Schreiber, A.; To, L.; Scott, H.
2019Purinergic receptor mediated calcium signalling in urothelial cellsChess-Williams, R.; Sellers, D.J.; Brierley, S.M.; Grundy, D.; Grundy, L.
2019Caesarean section and risk of type 1 diabetes: whole-of-population studyBegum, M.; Pilkington, R.; Chittleborough, C.; Lynch, J.; Penno, M.; Smithers, L.
2019Diabetes care in remote Australia: the antenatal, postpartum and inter-pregnancy periodKirkham, R.; Trap-Jensen, N.; Boyle, J.; Barzi, F.; Barr, E.; Whitbread, C.; Van Dokkum, P.; Kirkwood, M.; Connors, C.; Moore, E.; Zimmet, P.; Corpus, S.; Hanley, A.; O'Dea, K.; Oats, J.; McIntyre, H.; Brown, A.; Shaw, J.; Maple-Brown, L.; NT Diabetes in Pregnancy Partnership
2018Multicentre factorial randomized clinical trial of perioperative immunonutrition versus standard nutrition for patients undergoing surgical resection of oesophageal cancerMudge, L.; Watson, D.; Smithers, B.; Isenring, E.; Smith, L.; Jamieson, G.; Aly, A.; Archer, S.; Ballal, M.; Barbon, J.; Barbour, A.; Benton, K.; Bessell, J.; Bond, M.; Berryman, M.; Bright, T.; Cade, R.; Cardamis, A.; Carroll, R.; Cashman, K.; et al.
2016A rapid and quantitative flow cytometry method for the analysis of membrane disruptive antimicrobial activityO'Brien-Simpson, N.; Pantarat, N.; Attard, T.; Walsh, K.; Reynolds, E.
2016Combined genetic and splicing analysis of BRCA1 c.[594-2A>C; 641A>G] highlights the relevance of naturally occurring in-frame transcripts for developing disease gene variant classification algorithmsde la Hoya, M.; Soukarieh, O.; López-Perolio, I.; Vega, A.; Walker, L.; van Ierland, Y.; Baralle, D.; Santamariña, M.; Lattimore, V.; Wijnen, J.; Whiley, P.; Blanco, A.; Raponi, M.; Hauke, J.; Wappenschmidt, B.; Becker, A.; Hansen, T.; Behar, R.; KConFaB, I.; Niederacher, D.; et al.
2015Increased peripheral blood pro-inflammatory/cytotoxic lymphocytes in children with bronchiectasisHodge, G.; Upham, J.; Chang, A.; Baines, K.; Yerkovich, S.; Pizzutto, S.; Hodge, S.
2019APOMAB antibody-drug conjugates targeting dead tumor cells are effective in vivoStaudacher, A.H.; Li, Y.; Liapis, V.; Hou, J.J.C.; Chin, D.; Dolezal, O.; Adams, T.E.; van Berkel, P.H.; Brown, M.P.
2013Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging detection of basal forebrain cholinergic degeneration in a mouse modelKerbler, G.M.; Hamlin, A.S.; Pannek, K.; Kurniawan, N.D.; Keller, M.D.; Rose, S.E.; Coulson, E.J.