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2016Culture-independent detection of nontuberculous mycobacteria in clinical respiratory samplesScoleri, G.P.; Choo, J.M.; Leong, L.E.; Goddard, T.R.; Shephard, L.; Burr, L.D.; Bastian, I.; Thomson, R.M.; Rogers, G.B.
2016Establishing a fecal microbiota transplant service for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infectionCostello, S.; Tucker, E.; La Brooy, J.; Schoeman, M.; Andrews, J.
2014Judging performance in general medicineNguyen, M.; Conway, J.; Russell, P.; Thompson, C.; Faunt, J.
2012Emergency department overcrowding and mortality after the introduction of the 4-hour rule in Western AustraliaToh, D.; Thompson, C.; Thomas, J.; Faunt, J.
2014Deletion of TRIM32 protects mice from anxiety- and depression-like behaviors under mild stressRuan, C.; Wang, S.; Shen, Y.; Guo, Y.; Yang, C.; Zhou, F.; Tan, L.; Zhou, L.; Liu, J.; Wang, W.; Xiao, Z.; Zhou, X.
2015Can the simple clinical score usefully predict the mortality risk and length of stay for a recently admitted patient?Nguyen, M.; Woodman, R.; Hakendorf, P.; Thompson, C.; Faunt, J.
2012Consent for pediatric anesthesia: an observational studyLagana, Z.; Foster, A.; Bibbo, A.; Dowling, K.; Cyna, A.
2012Case 34-2011: a man with memory loss and partial seizuresBeadnall, H.; Kiley, M.; Kleinig, T.
2012The effectiveness of fermented wheat germ extract as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of cancer: a systematic reviewYeend, T.; Robinson, K.; Lockwood, C.; McArthur, A.
2019Initiation of vasopressor infusions via peripheral versus central access in patients with early septic shock: A retrospective cohort studyDelaney, A.; Finnis, M.; Bellomo, R.; Udy, A.; Jones, D.; Keijzers, G.; MacDonald, S.; Peake, S.