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2019Colonic afferent input and dorsal horn neuron activation differs between the thoracolumbar and lumbosacral spinal cordHarrington, A.; Caraballo, S.; Maddern, J.; Grundy, L.; Castro, J.; Brierley, S.
2019ADAMTS1 promotes adhesion to extracellular matrix proteins and predicts prognosis in early stage breast cancer patientsTan, I.; Frewin, K.; Ricciardelli, C.; Russell, D.
2017Patients’ reasons for and against undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, and vertical sleeve gastrectomyOpozda, M.; Wittert, G.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2019Novel mutations in NLGN3 causing autism spectrum disorder and cognitive impairmentQuartier, A.; Courraud, J.; Ha, T.; McGillivray, G.; Isidor, B.; Rose, K.; Drouot, N.; Savidan, M.-.A.; Feger, C.; Jagline, H.; Chelly, J.; Shaw, M.; Laumonnier, F.; Gecz, J.; Mandel, J.-.L.; Piton, A.
2019Guidelines for the standardized collection of blood-based biomarkers in psychiatry: steps for laboratory validity–a consensus of the Biomarkers Task Force from the WFSBPAndreazza, A.; Laksono, I.; Fernandes, B.; Toben, C.; Lewczuk, P.; Riederer, P.; Kennedy, S.; Kapogiannis, D.; Thibaut, F.; Gerlach, M.; Gallo, C.; Kim, Y.; Grünblatt, E.; Yatham, L.; Berk, M.; Baune, B.
2015Interleukin-3 greatly expands non-adherent endothelial forming cells with pro-angiogenic propertiesMoldenhauer, L.; Cockshell, M.; Frost, L.; Parham, K.; Tvorogov, D.; Tan, L.; Ebert, L.; Tooley, K.; Worthley, S.; Lopez, A.; Bonder, C.
2019A systematic review of the unmet supportive care needs of men on active surveillance for prostate cancerMcIntosh, M.; Opozda, M.J.; Evans, H.; Finlay, A.; Galvão, D.A.; Chambers, S.K.; Short, C.E.
2019Identifying the exercise-based support needs and exercise programme preferences among men with prostate cancer during active surveillance: a qualitative studyMcIntosh, M.; Opozda, M.; Galvão, D.; Chambers, S.; Short, C.
2016Physical activity participation by adults with cystic fibrosis: an observational studyCox, N.; Alison, J.; Button, B.; Wilson, J.; Morton, J.; Holland, A.
2016Changes in problematic and disordered eating after gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding and vertical sleeve gastrectomy: a systematic review of pre-post studiesOpozda, M.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Wittert, G.