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2016'Connecting tracks': exploring the roles of an Aboriginal women's cancer support networkCuesta-Briand, B.; Bessarab, D.; Shahid, S.; Thompson, S.
2019Caesarean section and risk of type 1 diabetes: whole-of-population studyBegum, M.; Pilkington, R.; Chittleborough, C.; Lynch, J.; Penno, M.; Smithers, L.
2015Advances and challenges of liposome assisted drug deliverySercombe, L.; Veerati, T.; Moheimani, F.; Wu, S.; Sood, A.; Hua, S.
2019Peri-atrial epicardial adipose tissue-a marker of thromboembolism?Agbaedeng, T.A.; Wong, C.X.; Mahajan, R.
2019A brief update on the evidence supporting the treatment of infertility in polycystic ovary syndromeCostello, M.F.; Misso, M.L.; Balen, A.; Boyle, J.; Devoto, L.; Garad, R.M.; Hart, R.; Johnson, L.; Jordan, C.; Legro, R.S.; Norman, R.J.; Moran, L.; Mocanu, E.; Qiao, J.; Rodgers, R.J.; Rombauts, L.; Tassone, E.C.; Thangaratinam, S.; Vanky, E.; Teede, H.J.
2015Trends in cardiac biomarker testing in China for patients with acute myocardial infarction, 2001 to 2011: China PEACE-Retrospective AMI StudyZhan, L.; Masoudi, F.; Li, X.; Hu, S.; Venkatesh, A.; Spertus, J.; Lin, Z.; Desai, N.; Li, J.; Krumholz, H.; Jiang, L.
2019Women and men in the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine: workforce surveyBezak, E.; Suchowerska, R.; Claridge Mackonis, E.; Pillen, H.; Ralston, A.; Haworth, A.; Suchowerska, N.
2016Prevalence and associations of gout and hyperuricaemia: results from an Australian population-based studyTing, K.; Gill, T.; Keen, H.; Tucker, G.; Hill, C.
2018The regulation of miRNAs by reconstituted high-density lipoproteins in diabetes-impaired angiogenesisHourigan, S.; Solly, E.; Nankivell, V.; Ridiandries, A.; Weimann, B.; Henriquez, R.; Tepper, E.; Zhang, J.; Tsatralis, T.; Clayton, Z.; Vanags, L.; Robertson, S.; Nicholls, S.; Ng, M.; Bursill, C.; Tan, J.
2018Accumulation of JAK activation loop phosphorylation is linked to type I JAK inhibitor withdrawal syndrome in myelofibrosisTvorogov, D.; Thomas, D.; Liau, N.; Dottore, M.; Barry, E.; Lathi, M.; Kan, W.; Hercus, T.; Stomski, F.; Hughes, T.; Tergaonkar, V.; Parker, M.; Ross, D.; Majeti, R.; Babon, J.; Lopez, A.