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2018High incidence of screw penetration in the proximal and distal tibiofibular joints after intramedullary nailing of tibial fractures - a prospective cohort and mapping studyCain, M.; Doornberg, J.; Duit, R.; Clarnette, J.; Jaarsma, R.; Jadav, B.
2018Exploring the potential effectiveness of combining optimal nutrition with electrical stimulation to maintain muscle health in critical illness: a narrative reviewParry, S.M.; Chapple, L.-.A.S.; Mourtzakis, M.
2015Early and late changes in markers of aortic stiffness with breast cancer therapyGrover, S.; Lou, P.; Bradbrook, C.; Cheong, K.; Kotasek, D.; Leong, D.; Koczwara, B.; Selvanayagam, J.
2017Investigations into retinal pathology in the early stages of a mouse model of Alzheimer's diseaseChidlow, G.; Wood, J.; Manavis, J.; Finnie, J.; Casson, R.
2017Cell adhesion molecules are altered during irinotecan-induced mucositis: a qualitative histopathological studyAl-Dasooqi, N.; Bowen, J.; Bennett, C.; Finnie, J.; Keefe, D.; Gibson, R.
2017Clinical assessment of the impact of pelvic pain on womenChalmers, K.; Catley, M.; Evans, S.; Moseley, G.
2016Caspase-2 deficiency accelerates chemically induced liver cancer in miceShalini, S.; Nikolic, A.; Wilson, C.; Puccini, J.; Sladojevic, N.; Finnie, J.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2014Varespladib and cardiovascular events in patients with an acute coronary syndrome: the VISTA-16 randomized clinical trialNicholls, S.; Kastelein, J.; Schwartz, G.; Bash, D.; Rosenson, R.; Cavender, M.; Brennan, D.; Koenig, W.; Jukema, J.; Nambi, V.; Wright, R.; Menon, V.; Lincoff, A.; Nissen, S.
2015The cost-effectiveness of providing antenatal lifestyle advice for women who are overweight or obese: the LIMIT randomised trialDodd, J.; Ahmed, S.; Karnon, J.; Umberger, W.; Deussen, A.; Tran, T.; Grivell, R.; Crowther, C.; Turnbull, D.; McPhee, A.; Wittert, G.; Owens, J.; Robinson, J.
2016Novel germ line DDX41 mutations define families with a lower age of MDS/AML onset and lymphoid malignanciesLewinsohn, M.; Brown, A.; Weinel, L.; Phung, C.; Rafidi, G.; Lee, M.; Schreiber, A.; Feng, J.; Babic, M.; Chong, C.; Lee, Y.; Yong, A.; Suthers, G.; Poplawski, N.; Altree, M.; Phillips, K.; Jaensch, L.; Fine, M.; D'Andrea, R.; Lewis, I.; et al.