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2019A high-volume, low-cost approach to participant screening and enrolment: experiences from the T4DM diabetes prevention trialBracken, K.; Keech, A.; Hague, W.; Allan, C.; Conway, A.; Daniel, M.; Gebski, V.; Grossmann, M.; Handelsman, D.J.; Inder, W.J.; Jenkins, A.; McLachlan, R.; Robledo, K.P.; Stuckey, B.; Yeap, B.B.; Wittert, G.
2019BMPR2-expressing bone marrow-derived endothelial-like progenitor cells alleviate pulmonary arterial hypertension in vivoHarper, R.; Maiolo, S.; Ward, R.; Seyfang, J.; Cockshell, M.; Bonder, C.; Reynolds, P.
2019Peptidase inhibitor 16 identifies a human regulatory T-cell subset with reduced FOXP3 expression over the first year of recent onset type 1 diabetesHope, C.; Welch, J.; Mohandas, A.; Pederson, S.; Hill, D.; Gundsambuu, B.; Eastaff-Leung, N.; Grosse, R.; Bresatz, S.; Ang, G.; Papademetrios, M.; Zola, H.; Duhen, T.; Campbell, D.; Brown, C.; Krumbiegel, D.; Sadlon, T.; Couper, J.; Barry, S.
2019Novel mutations in NLGN3 causing autism spectrum disorder and cognitive impairmentQuartier, A.; Courraud, J.; Thi Ha, T.; McGillivray, G.; Isidor, B.; Rose, K.; Drouot, N.; Savidan, M.-.A.; Feger, C.; Jagline, H.; Chelly, J.; Shaw, M.; Laumonnier, F.; Gecz, J.; Mandel, J.-.L.; Piton, A.
2019Novel endosomal NOX2 oxidase inhibitor ameliorates pandemic influenza A virus-induced lung inflammation in miceTo, E.E.; Luong, R.; Diao, J.; O' Leary, J.J.; Brooks, D.A.; Vlahos, R.; Selemidis, S.
2019Oxidative stress, inflammation and risk of neurodegeneration in a population sampleCherbuin, N.; Walsh, E.; Baune, B.; Anstey, K.
2019Fatal flaws in clinical decision makingDavis, S.S.; Babidge, W.; McCulloch, G.; Maddern, G.
2019Influenza epidemiology, vaccine coverage and vaccine effectiveness in children admitted to sentinel Australian hospitals in 2017: results from the PAEDS-FluCAN CollaborationBlyth, C.C.; Macartney, K.K.; McRae, J.; Clark, J.E.; Marshall, H.S.; Buttery, J.; Francis, J.R.; Kotsimbos, T.; Kelly, P.M.; Cheng, A.C.; Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS); Influenza Complications Alert Network (FluCAN) Collaboration
2019Sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption, correlates and interventions among Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: a scoping reviewWright, K.; Dono, J.; Brownbill, A.; Pearson, O.; Bowden, J.; Wycherley, T.; Keech, W.; O'Dea, K.; Roder, D.; Avery, J.; Miller, C.
2017Comparative effects of glucose and water drinks on blood pressure and cardiac function in older subjects with and without postprandial hypotensionTrahair, L.; Rajendran, S.; Visvanathan, R.; Chapman, M.; Stadler, D.; Horowitz, M.; Jones, K.