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2016A non-coding variant in the 5' UTR of DLG3 attenuates protein translation to cause non-syndromic intellectual disabilityKumar, R.; Ha, T.; Pham, D.; Shaw, M.; Mangelsdorf, M.; Friend, K.; Hobson, L.; Turner, G.; Boyle, J.; Field, M.; Hackett, A.; Corbett, M.; Gecz, J.
2018Osteoblast derived-neurotrophin‑3 induces cartilage removal proteases and osteoclast-mediated function at injured growth plate in ratsSu, Y.; Chim, S.; Zhou, L.; Hassanshahi, M.; Chung, R.; Fan, C.; Song, Y.; Foster, B.; Prestidge, C.; Peymanfar, Y.; Tang, Q.; Butler, L.; Gronthos, S.; Chen, D.; Xie, Y.; Chen, L.; Zhou, X.; Xu, J.; Xian, C.
2019Icariin attenuates methotrexate chemotherapy-induced bone marrow microvascular damage and bone loss in ratsHassanshahi, M.; Su, Y.; Khabbazi, S.; Fan, C.; Tang, Q.; Wen, X.; Fan, J.; Chen, K.; Xian, C.
2019Bone marrow sinusoidal endothelium as a facilitator/regulator of cell egress from the bone marrowHassanshahi, M.; Hassanshahi, A.; Khabbazi, S.; Su, Y.; Xian, C.
2013A chronic high fat diet alters the homologous and heterologous control of appetite regulating peptide receptor expressionKentish, S.; Wittert, G.; Blackshaw, L.; Page, A.
2015Causal mechanisms and balancing selection inferred from genetic associations with polycystic ovary syndromeDay, F.; Hinds, D.; Tung, J.; Stolk, L.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Saxena, R.; Bjonnes, A.; Broer, L.; Dunger, D.; Halldorsson, B.; Lawlor, D.; Laval, G.; Mathieson, I.; McCardle, W.; Louwers, Y.; Meun, C.; Ring, S.; Scott, R.; Sulem, P.; Uitterlinden, A.; et al.
2017Gestational age and school achievement: a population studySearle, A.; Smithers, L.; Chittleborough, C.; Gregory, T.; Lynch, J.
2017Childhood cancer chemotherapy-induced bone damage: pathobiology and protective effects of resveratrol and other nutraceuticalsSu, Y.; Chen, K.; Hassanshahi, M.; Tang, Q.; Howe, P.; Xian, C.
2019Adipose-derived stem cells for wound healingHassanshahi, A.; Hassanshahi, M.; Khabbazi, S.; Hosseini-Khah, Z.; Peymanfar, Y.; Ghalamkari, S.; Su, Y.; Xian, C.
2019Methotrexate chemotherapy–induced damages in bone marrow sinusoids: an in vivo and in vitro studyHassanshahi, M.; Su, Y.; Fan, C.; Khabbazi, S.; Hassanshahi, A.; Xian, C.