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2017The uncoupling of autophagy and zinc homeostasis in airway epithelial cells as a fundamental contributor to COPDRoscioli, E.; Tran, H.; Jersmann, H.; Nguyen, P.; Hopkins, E.; Lester, S.; Farrow, N.; Zalewski, P.; Reynolds, P.; Hodge, S.
2014Varespladib and cardiovascular events in patients with an acute coronary syndrome: the VISTA-16 randomized clinical trialNicholls, S.; Kastelein, J.; Schwartz, G.; Bash, D.; Rosenson, R.; Cavender, M.; Brennan, D.; Koenig, W.; Jukema, J.; Nambi, V.; Wright, R.; Menon, V.; Lincoff, A.; Nissen, S.
2014Prognosis for patients with CML and >10% BCR-ABL1 after 3 months of imatinib depends on the rate of BCR-ABL1 declineBranford, S.; Yeung, D.; Parker, W.; Roberts, N.; Purins, L.; Braley, J.; Altamura, H.; Yeoman, A.; Georgievski, J.; Jamison, B.; Phillis, S.; Donaldson, Z.; Leong, M.; Fletcher, L.; Seymour, J.; Grigg, A.; Ross, D.; Hughes, T.
2014Diet-dependent modulation of gastro-oesphageal vagal afferent mechanosensitivity by endogenous nitric oxideKentish, S.; O'Donnell, T.; Wittert, G.; Page, A.
2014A common 16p11.2 inversion underlies the joint susceptibility to asthma and obesityGonzález, J.; Cáceres, A.; Esko, T.; Cuscó, I.; Puig, M.; Esnaola, M.; Reina, J.; Siroux, V.; Bouzigon, E.; Nadif, R.; Reinmaa, E.; Milani, L.; Bustamante, M.; Jarvis, D.; Antó, J.; Sunyer, J.; Demenais, F.; Kogevinas, M.; Metspalu, A.; Cáceres, M.; et al.
2014Colorectal cancer survival: an analysis of patients with metastatic disease synchronous and metachronous with the primary tumorKumar, R.; Price, T.; Beeke, C.; Jain, K.; Patel, G.; Padbury, R.; Young, G.; Roder, D.; Townsend, A.; Bishnoi, S.; Karapetis, C.
2015Candidate locus analysis of the TERT–CLPTM1L cancer risk region on chromosome 5p15 identifies multiple independent variants associated with endometrial cancer riskCarvajal-Carmona, L.; O Mara, T.; Painter, J.; Lose, F.; Dennis, J.; Michailidou, K.; Tyrer, J.; Ahmed, S.; Ferguson, K.; Healey, C.; Pooley, K.; Beesley, J.; Cheng, T.; Jones, A.; Howarth, K.; Martin, L.; Gorman, M.; Hodgson, S.; National Study of Endometrial Cancer Genetics Group (NSECG),; The Australian National Endometrial Cancer Study Group (ANECS); et al.
2015A selective ATP-competitive sphingosine kinase inhibitor demonstrates anti-cancer propertiesPitman, M.; Powell, J.; Coolen, C.; Moretti, P.; Zebol, J.; Pham, D.; Finnie, J.; Don, A.; Ebert, L.; Bonder, C.; Gliddon, B.; Pitson, S.
2015The validity of military screening for mental health problems: diagnostic accuracy of the PCL, K10 and AUDIT scales in an entire military populationSearle, A.; Van Hooff, M.; Mcfarlane, A.; Davies, C.; Fairweather-Schmidt, A.; Hodson, S.; Benassi, H.; Steele, N.
2012"Watchful waiting" for metastatic colorectal cancer, antediluvian or an option to be considered again?Price, T.; Townsend, A.; Beeke, C.; Bishnoi, S.; Padbury, R.; Maddern, G.; Karapetis, C.