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2011Therapeutic Effects of Human STRO-3-Selected Mesenchymal Precursor Cells and their Soluble Factors in Experimental Myocardial IschemiaSee, F.; Seki, T.; Psaltis, P.; Sondermeijer, H.; Gronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.; Govaert, K.; Schuster, M.; Kurlansky, P.; Kelly, D.; Krum, H.; Itescu, S.
2012The association between insulin levels and cortical bone: Findings from a cross-sectional analysis of pQCT parameters in adolescentsSayers, A.; Lawlor, D.; Sattar, N.; Tobias, J.
2010Intramyocardial navigation and mapping for stem cell deliveryPsaltis, P.; Zannettino, A.; Gronthos, S.; Worthley, S.
2014Quantitative description of the 3D regional mechanics of the left atrium using cardiac magnetic resonance imagingKuklik, P.; Molaee, P.; Podziemski, P.; Ganesan, A.; Brooks, A.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.
2015Potential adverse effects to the retina of cancer therapy targeting pyruvate kinase M2Ng, S.; Wood, J.; Chidlow, G.; Peet, D.; Casson, R.
2017Outcomes after primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction caused by ectatic infarct related arteriesShanmugam, V.; Psaltis, P.; Wong, D.; Meredith, I.; Malaiapan, Y.; Ahmar, W.
2014Heterologous prime-boost vaccination using an ASO3B-adjuvanted influenza A(H5N1) vaccine in infants and children <3 years of ageNolan, T.; Izurieta, P.; Lee, B.; Chan, P.; Marshall, H.; Booy, R.; Drame, M.; Vaughn, D.
2014Amino-terminal-pro-B-type natriuretic peptide levels and low diastolic blood pressure: potential relevance to the diastolic J-curveCampbell, D.; McGrady, M.; Prior, D.; Coller, J.; Boffa, U.; Shiel, L.; Liew, D.; Wolfe, R.; Stewart, S.; Reid, C.; Krum, H.
2013A gene-centric analysis of activated partial thromboplastin time and activated protein C resistance using the HumanCVD focused genotyping arrayGaunt, T.; Lowe, G.; Lawlor, D.; Casas, J.; Day, I.
2012Monitoring disease response in chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia: the age of molecular assays?Yeung, D.; Branford, S.