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2013Cardiac magnetic resonance, transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography: a comparison of invivo assessment of ventricular function in ratsRichardson, J.; Bertaso, A.; Frost, L.; Psaltis, P.; Carbone, A.; Koschade, B.; Wong, D.; Nelson, A.; Paton, S.; Williamson, K.; Mohd Shah, A.; Worthley, M.; Teo, K.; Gronthos, S.; Zannettino, A.; Worthley, S.
2013NT-proB natriuretic peptide, risk factors and asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction: Results of the SCReening Evaluation of the Evolution of New Heart Failure Study (SCREEN-HF)McGrady, M.; Reid, C.; Shiel, L.; Wolfe, R.; Boffa, U.; Liew, D.; Campbell, D.; Prior, D.; Stewart, S.; Krum, H.
2015First human case of fatal Halicephalobus gingivalis meningoencephalitis in AustraliaLim, C.; Crawford, A.; Moore, C.; Gasser, R.; Nelson, R.; Koehler, A.; Bradbury, R.; Speare, R.; Dhatrak, D.; Weldhagen, G.
2014Prognostic significance of early molecular response in chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitorsYeung, D.; Mauro, M.
2015Early red cell transfusion favourably alters cerebral oxygen extraction in very preterm newbornsAndersen, C.; Karayil, S.; Hodyl, N.; Stark, M.
2015Restless legs syndrome/Willis-Ekbom disease and periodic limb movements in sleep in the elderly with and without dementiaFigorilli, M.; Puligheddu, M.; Ferri, R.
2014An update on stem cell therapies for acute coronary syndromePsaltis, P.; Spoon, D.; Wong, D.; Gulati, R.
2013Attraction and repulsion of spiral waves by inhomogeneity of conduction anisotropy-a model of spiral wave interaction with electrical remodeling of heart tissueKuklik, P.; Sanders, P.; Szumowski, L.; Zebrowski, J.
2013A pilgrim's progress: severe Rickettsia conorii infection complicated by gangrenePunj, P.; Nelson, R.; Gardiner, S.; Lodge, M.; Graves, S.; Warner, M.
2013Australia's female military surgeons of World War 1Neuhaus, S.