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2015Causal mechanisms and balancing selection inferred from genetic associations with polycystic ovary syndromeDay, F.; Hinds, D.; Tung, J.; Stolk, L.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Saxena, R.; Bjonnes, A.; Broer, L.; Dunger, D.; Halldorsson, B.; Lawlor, D.; Laval, G.; Mathieson, I.; McCardle, W.; Louwers, Y.; Meun, C.; Ring, S.; Scott, R.; Sulem, P.; Uitterlinden, A.; et al.
2018A systematic review and meta-analysis of 271 PCDH19-variant individuals identifies psychiatric comorbidities, and association of seizure onset and disease severityKolc, K.; Sadleir, L.; Scheffer, I.; Ivancevic, A.; Roberts, R.; Pham, D.; Gecz, J.
2017Gestational age and school achievement: a population studySearle, A.; Smithers, L.; Chittleborough, C.; Gregory, T.; Lynch, J.
2017Childhood cancer chemotherapy-induced bone damage: pathobiology and protective effects of resveratrol and other nutraceuticalsSu, Y.; Chen, K.; Hassanshahi, M.; Tang, Q.; Howe, P.; Xian, C.
2019Adipose-derived stem cells for wound healingHassanshahi, A.; Hassanshahi, M.; Khabbazi, S.; Hosseini-Khah, Z.; Peymanfar, Y.; Ghalamkari, S.; Su, Y.; Xian, C.
2019Methotrexate chemotherapy–induced damages in bone marrow sinusoids: an in vivo and in vitro studyHassanshahi, M.; Su, Y.; Fan, C.; Khabbazi, S.; Hassanshahi, A.; Xian, C.
2019A niche-dependent myeloid transcriptome signature defines dormant myeloma cellsKhoo, W.; Ledergor, G.; Weiner, A.; Roden, D.; Terry, R.; McDonald, M.; Chai, R.; De Veirman, K.; Owen, K.; Opperman, K.; Vandyke, K.; Clark, J.; Seckinger, A.; Kovacic, N.; Nguyen, A.; Mohanty, S.; Pettitt, J.; Xiao, Y.; Corr, A.; Seeliger, C.; et al.
2019A novel role for the extracellular matrix glycoprotein-Tenascin-X in gastric functionAktar, R.; Peiris, M.; Fikree, A.; Eaton, S.; Kritas, S.; Kentish, S.; Araujo, E.; Bacarin, C.; Page, A.; Voermans, N.; Aziz, Q.; Blackshaw, L.
2019Unstable TTTTA/TTTCA expansions in MARCH6 are associated with Familial Adult Myoclonic Epilepsy type 3Florian, R.T.; Kraft, F.; Leitão, E.; Kaya, S.; Klebe, S.; Magnin, E.; van Rootselaar, A.-.F.; Buratti, J.; Kühnel, T.; Schröder, C.; Giesselmann, S.; Tschernoster, N.; Altmueller, J.; Lamiral, A.; Keren, B.; Nava, C.; Bouteiller, D.; Forlani, S.; Jornea, L.; Kubica, R.; et al.
2019High mobility group box protein 1 neutralization therapy in ovine bacteremia: lessons learned from an ovine septic shock model incorporating intensive care supportStevens, N.E.; Nash, C.H.; Fraser, C.K.; Kuchel, T.R.; Maiden, M.J.; Chapman, M.J.; Diener, K.R.; Hayball, J.D.