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2017Australian children with type 1 diabetes consume high sodium and high saturated fat diets: longitudinal comparison with national and international guidelinesAdams, L.; Thomson, R.; Couper, J.; Anderson, J.; Maftei, O.; Giles, L.; Pena, A.S.; International Meeting of Pediatric Endocrinology (14 Sep 2017 - 17 Sep 2017 : Washington, DC)
201314-3-3? regulates the procoagulant function of plateletsVan Der Wal, A.; Cranmer, S.; Ramshaw, H.; Van der Wal, E.; Schoenwaelder, M.; Yuan, Y.; Gardiner, E.; Berndt, M.; Andrews, R.; Lopez, A.; Jackson, S.; 24th Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (29 Jun 2013 - 04 Jul 2013 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2019Uptake of silica particulate drug carriers in an intestine-on-a-chip: towards a better in vitro model of nanoparticulate carrier and mucus interactionsPocock, K.; Delon, L.; Khatri, A.; Prestidge, C.; Gibson, R.; Barbe, C.; Thierry, B.
2019Australian children with type 1 diabetes consume high sodium and high saturated fat diets: Comparison with national and international guidelines.Thomson, R.; Adams, L.; Anderson, J.; Maftei, O.; Couper, J.; Giles, L.; Pena, A.
2016Gene-environment interactions, stress, and depressionCohen-Woods, S.; Harkess, K.
2017CYP2C8 genotype significantly alters imatinib metabolism in chronic myeloid leukaemia patientsBarratt, D.; Cox, H.; Menelaou, A.; Yeung, D.; White, D.; Hughes, T.; Somogyi, A.
2019Cognitive, behavioral and psychological functioning in children with metopic synostosis: a meta-analysis examining the impact of surgical statusOsborn, A.; Roberts, R.; Mathias, J.; Anderson, P.; Flapper, W.
2019CBNA: a control theory based method for identifying coding and non-coding cancer driversPham, V.V.; Liu, L.; Bracken, C.P.; Goodall, G.J.; Long, Q.; Li, J.; Le, T.D.
2017Atrial fibrillation, hip fracture, and oral anticoagulation therapyWong, C.
2016Do early life cognitive ability and self-regulation skills explain socio-economic inequalities in academic achievement? An effect decomposition analysis in UK and Australian cohortsPearce, A.; Sawyer, A.; Chittleborough, C.; Mittinty, M.; Law, C.; Lynch, J.