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2017The prevalence of stimulant and antidepressant use by Australian children and adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder: a national surveySawyer, M.; Reece, C.; Sawyer, A.; Johnson, S.; Lawrence, D.; Zubrick, S.
2019A randomised trial to optimise gestational weight gain and improve maternal and infant health outcomes through antenatal dietary, lifestyle and exercise advice: the OPTIMISE randomised trialDodd, J.M.; Deussen, A.R.; Louise, J.
2011Mutational analysis in chronic myeloid leukemia: When and what to do?Branford, S.; Hughes, T.
2011Molecular methods in diagnosis and monitoring of haematological malignanciesYeung, D.; Parker, W.; Branford, S.
2018Effect of nifedipine and atosiban on perinatal brain injury: secondary analysis of the APOSTEL-III trialNijman, T.; Goedhart, M.; Naaktgeboren, C.; de Haan, T.; Vijlbrief, D.; Mol, B.; Benders, M.; Franx, A.; Oudijk, M.
2018High-resolution manometry: what about the pharynx?Omari, T.; Schar, M.
2019Effects of intraduodenal administration of lauric acid and L-tryptophan, alone and combined, on gut hormones, pyloric pressures, and energy intake in healthy menMcVeay, C.; Fitzgerald, P.; Ullrich, S.; Steinert, R.; Horowitz, M.; Feinle-Bisset, C.
2011BCR-ABL transcript dynamics support the hypothesis that leukemic stem cells are reduced during imatinib teatmentStein, A.; Bottino, D.; Modur, V.; Branford, S.; Kaeda, J.; Goldman, J.; Hughes, T.; Radich, J.; Hochhaus, A.
2019A systematic review of the unmet supportive care needs of men on active surveillance for prostate cancerMcIntosh, M.; Opozda, M.J.; Evans, H.; Finlay, A.; Galv√£o, D.A.; Chambers, S.K.; Short, C.E.
2018Roles for endothelial zinc homeostasis in vascular physiology and coronary artery diseaseZalewski, P.; Beltrame, J.; Wawer, A.; Abdo, A.; Murgia, C.