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1995Changes in the polyunsaturated fatty-acids of breast-milk from mothers of full-term infants over 30 wk of lactationMakrides, M.; Simmer, K.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R.
1995Are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty-acids essential nutrients in infancy?Makrides, M.; Neumann, M.; Simmer, K.; Pater, J.; Gibson, R.
2000Biochemical effects of a diet containing foods enriched with n-3 fatty acids1-3Mantzioris, E.; Cleland, L.; Gibson, R.; Neumann, M.; Demasi, M.; James, M.
2003A Biomarker of n-3 compliance in patients taking fish oil for rheumatoid arthritisCleland, L.; Proudman, S.; Hall, C.; Stamp, L.; McWilliams, L.; Wylie, N.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R.; James, M.
1997Effect of increasing breast milk docosahexaenoic acid on plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acids and neural indices of exclusively breast fed infantsGibson, R.; Neumann, M.; Makrides, M.
2000A critical appraisal of the role of dietary long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on neural indices of term infants: a randomized, controlled trialMakrides, M.; Neumann, M.; Simmer, K.; Gibson, R.
1999Dietary long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids do not influence growth of term infants: A randomized clinical trialMakrides, M.; Neumann, M.; Simmer, K.; Gibson, R.
2000A randomized trial of different ratios of linoleic to α-linolenic acid in the diet of term infants: effects on visual function and growthMakrides, M.; Neumann, M.; Jeffrey, B.; Lien, E.; Gibson, R.
1995Erythrocyte fatty-acids of term infants fed either breast-milk, standard formula, or formula supplemented with long-chain polyunsaturatesMakrides, M.; Neumann, M.; Simmer, K.; Gibson, R.
1996Effect of dietary n-9 eicosatrienoic acid on the fatty acid composition of plasma lipid fractions and tissue phospholipidsCleland, L.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R.; Hamazaki, T.; Akimoto, K.; James, M.