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2003The role of fish oils in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritisCleland, L.; James, M.; Proudman, S.
2004Should oligoarthritis be reclassified? Ultrasound reveals a high prevalence of subclinical diseaseWakefield, R.; Green, M.; Marzo-Ortega, H.; Conaghan, P.; Gibbon, W.; McGonagle, D.; Proudman, S.; Emery, P.
2006Fish oil: what the prescriber needs to knowCleland, L.; James, M.; Proudman, S.
2008Dietary omega-3 fats for treatment of inflammatory joint disease: Efficacy and utilityProudman, S.; Cleland, L.; James, M.
2001Predictors of outcome in patients with oligoarthritis - Results of a protocol of intraarticular corticosteroids to all clinically active jointsGreen, M.; Marzo-Ortega, H.; Wakefield, R.; Astin, P.; Proudman, S.; Conaghan, P.; Hordon, L.; Emery, P.
2003A Biomarker of n-3 compliance in patients taking fish oil for rheumatoid arthritisCleland, L.; Proudman, S.; Hall, C.; Stamp, L.; McWilliams, L.; Wylie, N.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R.; James, M.
2003Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acids and arthritisCleland, L.; James, M.; Proudman, S.
2007Response-driven combination therapy with conventional disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs can achieve high response rates in early rheumatoid arthritis with minimal glucocorticoid and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug useProudman, S.; Keen, H.; Stamp, L.; Lee, A.; Goldblatt, F.; Ayres, O.; Rischmueller, M.; James, M.; Hill, C.; Caughey, G.; Cleland, L.
2005Isolated pulmonary hypertension in sclerodermaCox, S.; Walker, J.; Coleman, M.; Rischmueller, M.; Proudman, S.; Smith, M.; Ahern, M.; Roberts-Thomson, P.
2009Dietary fats and inflammation: The medicinal use of fish oilCleland, L.; James, M.; Proudman, S.