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2014Estimating adjusted associations between random effects from multilevel models: the reffadjust packagePalmer, T.; Macdonald-Wallis, C.; Lawlor, D.; Tilling, K.
2015Association between paternal cardiovascular status and offspring adolescent blood pressure trajectoriesLadds, E.; Fraser, A.; Howe, L.; Lawlor, D.; Hughes, A.; Chaturvedi, N.; Davey-Smith, G.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.
2012Facilitated physical activity as a treatment for depressed adults: randomised controlled trialChalder, M.; Wiles, N.; Campbell, J.; Hollinghurst, S.; Haase, A.; Taylor, A.; Fox, K.; Costelloe, C.; Searle, A.; Baxter, H.; Winder, R.; Wright, C.; Turner, K.; Calnan, M.; Lawlor, D.; Peters, T.; Sharp, D.; Montgomery, A.; Lewis, G.
2014Assessing risk prediction models using individual participant data from multiple studiesPennells, L.; Kaptoge, S.; White, I.; Thompson, S.; Wood, A.; Tipping, R.; Folsom, A.; Couper, D.; Ballantyne, C.; Coresh, J.; Goya Wannamethee, S.; Morris, R.; Kiechl, S.; Willeit, J.; Willeit, P.; Schett, G.; Ebrahim, S.; Lawlor, D.; Yarnell, J.; Gallacher, J.; et al.
2012Cardiovascular biomarkers and vascular function during childhood in the offspring of mothers with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and ChildrenLawlor, D.; MacDonald-Wallis, C.; Fraser, A.; Nelson, S.; Hingorani, A.; Davey Smith, G.; Sattar, N.; Deanfield, J.
2016Genome-wide association analysis identifies novel loci for chronotype in 100,420 individuals from the UK BiobankLane, J.; Vlasac, I.; Anderson, S.; Kyle, S.; Dixon, W.; Bechtold, D.; Gill, S.; Little, M.; Luik, A.; Loudon, A.; Emsley, R.; Scheer, F.; Lawlor, D.; Redline, S.; Ray, D.; Rutter, M.; Saxena, R.
2017Genome-wide association analyses of sleep disturbance traits identify new loci and highlight shared genetics with neuropsychiatric and metabolic traitsLane, J.; Liang, J.; Vlasac, I.; Anderson, S.; Bechtold, D.; Bowden, J.; Emsley, R.; Gill, S.; Little, M.; Luik, A.; Loudon, A.; Scheer, F.; Purcell, S.; Kyle, S.; Lawlor, D.; Zhu, X.; Redline, S.; Ray, D.; Rutter, M.; Saxena, R.
2017Change in children's physical activity and sedentary time between Year 1 and Year 4 of primary school in the B-PROACT1V cohortJago, R.; Solomon-Moore, E.; Macdonald-Wallis, C.; Sebire, S.; Thompson, J.; Lawlor, D.
2014Associations between objectively assessed child and parental physical activity: a cross-sectional study of families with 5-6 year old childrenJago, R.; Sebire, S.; Wood, L.; Pool, L.; Zahra, J.; Thompson, J.; Lawlor, D.
2015Covariate-adjusted measures of discrimination for survival dataWhite, I.; Rapsomaniki, E.; Wannamethee, S.; Morris, R.; Willeit, J.; Willeit, P.; Santer, P.; Kiechl, S.; Wald, N.; Ebrahim, S.; Lawlor, D.; Gallacher, J.; Yarnell, J.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Casiglia, E.; Tikhonoff, V.; Sutherland, S.; Nietert, P.; Keil, J.; Bachman, D.; et al.