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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Myeloperoxidase modification of high-density lipoprotein suppresses human endothelial cell proliferation and migration via inhibition of ERK1/2 and Akt activationChen, X.; Duong, M.; Nicholls, S.; Bursill, C.
2018High-density lipoproteins and apolipoprotein A-I improve stent biocompatibility: recent evidence from experimental models and clinical studiesVanags, L.; Wong, N.; Nicholls, S.; Bursill, C.
2017High-density lipoproteins attenuate high glucose-impaired endothelial cell signaling and functions: potential implications for improved vascular repair in diabetesChen, X.; Duong, M.; Psaltis, P.; Bursill, C.; Nicholls, S.
2018Translating evidence of HDL and plaque regressionDi Bartolo, B.; Psaltis, P.; Bursill, C.; Nicholls, S.
2018The regulation of miRNAs by reconstituted high-density lipoproteins in diabetes-impaired angiogenesisHourigan, S.; Solly, E.; Nankivell, V.; Ridiandries, A.; Weimann, B.; Henriquez, R.; Tepper, E.; Zhang, J.; Tsatralis, T.; Clayton, Z.; Vanags, L.; Robertson, S.; Nicholls, S.; Ng, M.; Bursill, C.; Tan, J.
2018Exploring the roles of CREBRF and TRIM2 in the regulation of angiogenesis by high-density lipoproteinsWong, N.; Cheung, H.; Solly, E.; Vanags, L.; Ritchie, W.; Nicholls, S.; Ng, M.; Bursill, C.; Tan, J.
2018VEGFR2 is activated by high-density lipoproteins and plays a key role in the proangiogenic action of HDL in ischemiaCannizzo, C.; Adonopulos, A.; Solly, E.; Ridiandries, A.; Vanags, L.; Mulangala, J.; Yuen, S.; Tsatralis, T.; Henriquez, R.; Robertson, S.; Nicholls, S.; Di Bartolo, B.; Ng, M.; Lam, Y.; Bursill, C.; Tan, J.
2019Postnatal mouse aorta contains yolk sac-derived haemangioblasts with myeloid and endothelial plasticity and vasculogenic capacityWilliamson, A.; Toledo, D.; Schwarz, N.; Fernando, S.; Dimasi, C.; Liyanage, S.; Skoumbourdis, T.; Chandrakanthan, V.; Di Bartolo, B.; Tan, J.; Bonder, C.; Nicholls, S.; Bursill, C.; Psaltis, P.; European Society of Cardiology Congress / World Congress of Cardiology (31 Aug 2019 - 04 Sep 2019 : Paris, France)
2019A novel ruthenium-based molecular sensor to detect endothelial nitric oxideVidanapathirana, A.; Pullen, B.; Zhang, R.; Duong, M.; Goyne, J.; Zhang, X.; Bonder, C.; Abell, A.; Bursill, C.; Nicholls, S.; Psaltis, P.