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2018The relationship between segmental wall shear stress and lipid core plaque derived from near-infrared spectroscopyShishikura, D.; Sidharta, S.; Honda, S.; Takata, K.; Kim, S.; Andrews, J.; Montarello, N.; Delacroix, S.; Baillie, T.; Worthley, M.; Psaltis, P.; Nicholls, S.
2019The effect of bromodomain and extra-terminal inhibitor apabetalone on attenuated coronary atherosclerotic plaque: insights from the ASSURE trialShishikura, D.; Kataoka, Y.; Honda, S.; Takata, K.; Kim, S.; Andrews, J.; Psaltis, P.; Sweeney, M.; Kulikowski, E.; Johansson, J.; Wong, N.; Nicholls, S.
2019Current state-of-play in spontaneous coronary artery dissectionFranke, K.; Wong, D.; Baumann, A.; Nicholls, S.; Gulati, R.; Psaltis, P.
2017High-density lipoproteins attenuate high glucose-impaired endothelial cell signaling and functions: potential implications for improved vascular repair in diabetesChen, X.; Duong, M.; Psaltis, P.; Bursill, C.; Nicholls, S.
2018Lipid lowering in acute coronary syndrome: is treatment early enough?Nicholls, S.; Psaltis, P.
2016Therapeutic modulation of the natural history of coronary atherosclerosis: lessons learned from serial imaging studiesAndrews, J.; Puri, R.; Kataoka, Y.; Nicholls, S.; Psaltis, P.
2017Using imaging to identify the high-risk diabetic patient: are we any closer?Nicholls, S.; Andrews, J.; Psaltis, P.
2017NSAID use and cardiovascular disease - A cautionary taleStokes, M.; Sanders, P.; Nicholls, S.; Psaltis, P.
2018Vitamin D and cardiovascular diseaseSchwarz, N.; Nicholls, S.; Psaltis, P.
2017High-density lipoprotein cholesterol associated with change in coronary plaque lipid burden assessed by near infrared spectroscopyHonda, S.; Sidharta, S.; Shishikura, D.; Takata, K.; Di Giovanni, G.; Nguyen, T.; Janssan, A.; Kim, S.; Andrews, J.; Psaltis, P.; Worthley, M.; Nicholls, S.