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2017Intravascular ultrasound and near-Infrared spectroscopic characterization of thin-cap fibroatheromaInaba, S.; Mintz, G.; Burke, A.; Stone, G.; Virmani, R.; Matsumura, M.; Parvataneni, R.; Puri, R.; Nicholls, S.; Maehara, A.
2017Atrial fibrillation, progression of coronary atherosclerosis and myocardial infarctionBayturan, O.; Puri, R.; Tuzcu, E.; Shao, M.; Wolski, K.; Schoenhagen, P.; Kapadia, S.; Nissen, S.; Sanders, P.; Nicholls, S.
2017Design of the Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Australasia Network Registry: creating opportunities for greater international collaborationBellgard, M.; Walker, C.; Napier, K.; Lamont, L.; Hunter, A.; Render, L.; Radochonski, M.; Pang, J.; Pedrotti, A.; Sullivan, D.; Kostner, K.; Bishop, W.; George, P.; O brien, R.; Clifton, P.; Van Bockxmeer, F.; Nicholls, S.; Hamilton-Craig, I.; Dawkins, H.; Watts, G.
2017Comparative effects of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibition, statin or ezetimibe on lipid factors: the ACCENTUATE trialNicholls, S.; Ray, K.; Ballantyne, C.; Beacham, L.; Miller, D.; Ruotolo, G.; Nissen, S.; Riesmeyer, J.
2017Effects of age, gender and statin dose on lipid levels: results from the VOYAGER meta-analysis databaseKarlson, B.; Palmer, M.; Nicholls, S.; Barter, P.; Lundman, P.
2017Aldosterone does not predict cardiovascular events following acute coronary syndrome in patients initially without heart failurePitts, R.; Gunzburger, E.; Ballantyne, C.; Barter, P.; Kallend, D.; Leiter, L.; Leitersdorf, E.; Nicholls, S.; Shah, P.; Tardif, J.; Olsson, A.; McMurray, J.; Kittelson, J.; Schwartz, G.
2017Heart failure after conventional metal-on-metal hip replacements: a retrospective cohort studyGillam, M.; Pratt, N.; Inacio, M.; Roughead, E.; Shakib, S.; Nicholls, S.; Graves, S.
2017High-density lipoproteins attenuate high glucose-impaired endothelial cell signaling and functions: potential implications for improved vascular repair in diabetesChen, X.; Duong, M.; Psaltis, P.; Bursill, C.; Nicholls, S.
2017Using imaging to identify the high-risk diabetic patient: are we any closer?Nicholls, S.; Andrews, J.; Psaltis, P.
2017NSAID use and cardiovascular disease - A cautionary taleStokes, M.; Sanders, P.; Nicholls, S.; Psaltis, P.