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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effectiveness and safety of bronchial thermoplasty in the treatment of severe asthma: A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled clinical trialCastro, M.; Rubin, A.; Laviolette, M.; Fiterman, J.; Lima, M.; Shah, P.; Fiss, E.; Olivenstein, R.; Thomson, N.; Niven, R.; Pavord, I.; Simoff, M.; Duhamel, D.; McEvoy, C.; Barbers, R.; ten Hacken, N.; Wechsler, M.; Holmes, M.; Phillips, M.; Erzurum, S.; et al.
2010B cell-intrinsic signaling through IL-21 receptor and STAT3 is required for establishing long-lived antibody responses in humansAvery, D.; Deenick, E.; Ma, C.; Suryani, S.; Simpson, N.; Chew, G.; Chan, T.; Palendira, U.; Bustamante, J.; Boisson-Dupuis, S.; Choo, S.; Bleasel, K.; Peake, J.; King, C.; French, M.; Engelhard, D.; Al-Hajjar, S.; Al-Muhsen, S.; Magdorf, K.; Roesler, J.; et al.
2010Global levels of specific histone modifications and an epigenetic gene signature predict prostate cancer progression and developmentBianco-Miotto, T.; Chiam, K.; Buchanan, G.; Jindal, S.; Day, T.; Thomas, M.; Pickering, M.; O'Loughlin, M.; Ryan, N.; Raymond, W.; Horvath, L.; Kench, J.; Stricker, P.; Marshall, V.; Sutherland, R.; Henshall, S.; Gerald, W.; Scher, H.; Risbridger, G.; Clements, J.; et al.
2010Human TUBB3 mutations perturb microtubule dynamics, kinesin interactions, and axon guidanceTischfield, M.; Baris, H.; Wu, C.; Rudolph, G.; van Maldergem, L.; He, W.; Chan, W.; Andrews, C.; Demer, J.; Robertson, R.; Mackey, D.; Ruddle, J.; Bird, T.; Gottlob, I.; Pieh, C.; Traboulsi, E.; Pomeroy, S.; Hunter, D.; Soul, J.; Newlin, A.; et al.
2010Gastroparesis and functional dyspepsia: excerpts from the AGA/ANMS meetingParkman, H.; Camilleri, M.; Farrugia, G.; McCallum, R.; Bharucha, A.; Mayer, E.; Tack, J.; Spiller, R.; Horowitz, M.; Vinik, A.; Galligan, J.; Pasricha, P.; Kuo, B.; Szarka, L.; Marciani, L.; Jones, K.; Parrish, C.; Sandroni, P.; Abell, T.; Ordog, T.; et al.
2010Derepression of an endogenous long terminal repeat activates the CSF1R proto-oncogene in human lymphomaLamprecht, B.; Walter, K.; Kreher, S.; Kumar, R.; Hummel, M.; Lenze, D.; Kochert, K.; Bouhlel, M.; Richter, J.; Soler, E.; Stadhouders, R.; Johrens, K.; Wurster, K.; Callen, D.; Harte, M.; Giefing, M.; Barlow, R.; Stein, H.; Anagnostopoulos, I.; Janz, M.; et al.