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2019Tranexamic acid in coronary artery surgery: one-year results of the Aspirin and Tranexamic Acid for Coronary Artery Surgery (ATACAS) trialMyles, P.; Smith, J.; Kasza, J.; Silbert, B.; Jayarajah, M.; Painter, T.; Cooper, D.; Marasco, S.; McNeil, J.; Bussières, J.; McGuinness, S.; Byrne, K.; Chan, M.; Landoni, G.; Wallace, S.; Forbes, A.; Esmore, D.; Krum, H.; Tonkin, A.; Buxton, B.; et al.
2019Inhibition of de novo lipogenesis targets androgen receptor signaling in castration-resistant prostate cancerZadra, G.; Ribeiro, C.F.; Chetta, P.; Ho, Y.; Cacciatore, S.; Gao, X.; Syamala, S.; Bango, C.; Photopoulos, C.; Huang, Y.; Tyekucheva, S.; Bastos, D.C.; Tchaicha, J.; Lawney, B.; Uo, T.; D'Anello, L.; Csibi, A.; Kalekar, R.; Larimer, B.; Ellis, L.; et al.
2019Fish oil and aspirin effects on arteriovenous fistula function: secondary outcomes of the randomised omega-3 fatty acids (Fish oils) and Aspirin in Vascular access OUtcomes in REnal Disease (FAVOURED) trialViecelli, A.K.; Polkinghorne, K.R.; Pascoe, E.M.; Paul-Brent, P.-.A.; Hawley, C.M.; Badve, S.V.; Cass, A.; Hooi, L.-.S.; Kerr, P.G.; Mori, T.A.; Ong, L.-.M.; Voss, D.; Johnson, D.W.; Irish, A.B.; Peh, C.A.; Beller, E.; Dogra, S.; Gracey, D.; Haluszkiewicz, E.; Hawley, C.; et al.
2019NAV-KIDS² trial: protocol for a multi-centre, staggered randomised controlled trial of a patient navigator intervention in children with chronic kidney diseasevan Zwieten, A.; Caldwell, P.; Howard, K.; Tong, A.; Craig, J.C.; Alexander, S.; Howell, M.; Armando, T.-.P.; Hawley, C.; Jesudason, S.; Walker, A.; Mackie, F.; Kennedy, S.; McTaggart, S.; McCarthy, H.; Carter, S.; Kim, S.; Crafter, S.; Woodleigh, R.; Guha, C.; et al.
2019A reciprocal feedback between the PDZ binding kinase and androgen receptor drives prostate cancerWarren, A.; Massie, C.; Watt, K.; Luko, K.; Orafidiya, F.; Selth, L.; Mohammed, H.; Chohan, B.; Menon, S.; Baridi, A.; Zhao, W.; Escriu, C.; Pungsrinont, T.; D Santos, C.; Yang, X.; Taylor, C.; Qureshi, A.; Zecchini, V.; Shaw, G.; Dehm, S.; et al.
2019Suppressing fatty acid uptake has therapeutic effects in preclinical models of prostate cancerWatt, M.; Clark, A.; Selth, L.; Haynes, V.; Lister, N.; Rebello, R.; Porter, L.; Niranjan, B.; Whitby, S.; Lo, J.; Huang, C.; Schittenhelm, R.; Anderson, K.; Furic, L.; Wijayaratne, P.; Matzaris, M.; Montgomery, M.; Papargiris, M.; Norden, S.; Febbraio, M.; et al.
2019PHF6 regulates hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and its loss synergizes with expression of TLX3 to cause leukemiaMcRae, H.; Garnham, A.; Hu, Y.; Witkowski, M.; Corbett, M.; Dixon, M.; May, R.; Sheikh, B.; Chiang, W.; Kueh, A.; Nguyen, T.; Man, K.; Gloury, R.; Aubrey, B.; Policheni, A.; Di Rago, L.; Alexander, W.; Gray, D.; Strasser, A.; Hawkins, E.; et al.
2019Genome-wide association study identifies 30 loci associated with bipolar disorderStahl, E.; Breen, G.; Forstner, A.; McQuillin, A.; Ripke, S.; Trubetskoy, V.; Mattheisen, M.; Wang, Y.; Coleman, J.; Gaspar, H.; de Leeuw, C.; Steinberg, S.; Pavlides, J.; Trzaskowski, M.; Byrne, E.; Pers, T.; Holmans, P.; Richards, A.; Abbott, L.; Agerbo, E.; et al.
2019Extracellular fatty acids are the major contributor to lipid synthesis in prostate cancerBalaban, S.; Nassar, Z.; Zhang, A.; Hosseini-Beheshti, E.; Centenera, M.; Schreuder, M.; Lin, H.; Aishah, A.; Varney, B.; Liu-Fu, F.; Lee, L.; Nagarajan, S.; Shearer, R.; Hardie, R.; Raftopulos, N.; Kakani, M.; Saunders, D.; Holst, J.; Horvath, L.; Butler, L.; et al.
2019Distinct gut virome profile of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes in the ENDIA studyWook Kim, K.; Allen, D.W.; Briese, T.; Couper, J.J.; Barry, S.C.; Colman, P.G.; Cotterill, A.M.; Davis, E.A.; Giles, L.C.; Harrison, L.C.; Harris, M.; Haynes, A.; Horton, J.L.; Isaacs, S.R.; Jain, K.; Lipkin, W.I.; Morahan, G.; Morbey, C.; Pang, I.C.; Papenfuss, A.T.; et al.