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2017Nerve growth factor promotes gastric tumorigenesis through aberrant cholinergic signalingHayakawa, Y.; Sakitani, K.; Konishi, M.; Asfaha, S.; Niikura, R.; Tomita, H.; Renz, B.; Tailor, Y.; Macchini, M.; Middelhoff, M.; Jiang, Z.; Tanaka, T.; Dubeykovskaya, Z.; Kim, W.; Chen, X.; Urbanska, A.; Nagar, K.; Westphalen, C.; Quante, M.; Lin, C.; et al.
2017Long-term efficacy and safety of α1 proteinase inhibitor treatment for emphysema caused by severe α1 antitrypsin deficiency: an open-label extension trial (RAPID-OLE)McElvaney, N.; Burdon, J.; Holmes, M.; Glanville, A.; Wark, P.; Thompson, P.; Hernandez, P.; Chlumsky, J.; Teschler, H.; Ficker, J.; Seersholm, N.; Altraja, A.; Mäkitaro, R.; Chorostowska-Wynimko, J.; Sanak, M.; Stoicescu, P.; Piitulainen, E.; Vit, O.; Wencker, M.; Tortorici, M.; et al.
2017Whole-genome landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumoursScarpa, A.; Chang, D.; Nones, K.; Corbo, V.; Patch, A.; Bailey, P.; Lawlor, R.; Johns, A.; Miller, D.; Mafficini, A.; Rusev, B.; Scardoni, M.; Antonello, D.; Barbi, S.; Sikora, K.; Cingarlini, S.; Vicentini, C.; McKay, S.; Quinn, M.; Bruxner, T.; et al.
2017Dominant protection from HLA-linked autoimmunity by antigen-specific regulatory T cellsOoi, J.; Petersen, J.; Tan, Y.; Huynh, M.; Willett, Z.; Ramarathinam, S.; Eggenhuizen, P.; Loh, K.; Watson, K.; Gan, P.; Alikhan, M.; Dudek, N.; Handel, A.; Hudson, B.; Fugger, L.; Power, D.; Holt, S.; Coates, P.; Gregersen, J.; Purcell, A.; et al.
2017A phase 2/3 multicenter, randomized, open-label study to compare the efficacy and safety of lenalidomide versus investigator's choice in patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphomaCzuczman, M.; Trněný, M.; Davies, A.; Rule, S.; Linton, K.; Wagner-Johnston, N.; Gascoyne, R.; Slack, G.; Brousset, P.; Eberhard, D.; Hernandez-Ilizaliturri, F.; Salles, G.; Witzig, T.; Zinzani, P.; Wright, G.; Staudt, L.; Yang, Y.; Williams, P.; Lih, C.; Russo, J.; et al.
2017Cell culture system for analysis of genetic heterogeneity within hepatocellular carcinomas and response to pharmacologic agentsGao, Q.; Wang, Z.; Duan, M.; Lin, Y.; Zhou, X.; Worthley, D.; Wang, X.; Niu, G.; Xia, Y.; Deng, M.; Liu, L.; Shi, J.; Yang, L.; Zhang, S.; Ding, Z.; Zhou, J.; Liang, C.; Cao, Y.; Xiong, L.; Xi, R.; et al.
2017Causal effect of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 on coronary heart diseaseSong, C.; Burgess, S.; Eicher, J.; O'Donnell, C.; Johnson, A.; Huang, J.; Sabater-Lleal, M.; Asselbergs, F.; Tregouet, D.; Shin, S.; Ding, J.; Baumert, J.; Oudot-Mellakh, T.; Folkersen, L.; Smith, N.; Williams, S.; Ikram, M.; Kleber, M.; Becker, D.; Truong, V.; et al.
2017Bone marrow myeloid cells regulate myeloid-biased hematopoietic stem cells via a histamine-dependent feedback loopChen, X.; Deng, H.; Churchill, M.; Luchsinger, L.; Du, X.; Chu, T.; Friedman, R.; Middelhoff, M.; Ding, H.; Tailor, Y.; Wang, A.; Liu, H.; Niu, Z.; Wang, H.; Jiang, Z.; Renders, S.; Ho, S.; Shah, S.; Tishchenko, P.; Chang, W.; et al.
2017Hypermutation in pancreatic cancerHumphris, J.; Patch, A.; Nones, K.; Bailey, P.; Johns, A.; McKay, S.; Chang, D.; Miller, D.; Pajic, M.; Kassahn, K.; Quinn, M.; Bruxner, T.; Christ, A.; Harliwong, I.; Idrisoglu, S.; Manning, S.; Nourse, C.; Nourbakhsh, E.; Stone, A.; Wilson, P.; et al.
2017Restrictive or liberal red-cell transfusion for cardiac surgeryMazer, C.; Whitlock, R.; Fergusson, D.; Hall, J.; Belley-Cote, E.; Connolly, K.; Khanykin, B.; Gregory, A.; De Medicis, E.; McGuinness, S.; Royse, A.; Carrier, F.; Young, P.; Villar, J.; Grocott, H.; Seeberger, M.; Fremes, S.; Lellouche, F.; Syed, S.; Byrne, K.; et al.