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2013Colorectal carcinomas with KRAS mutation are associated with distinctive morphological and molecular featuresRosty, C.; Young, J.; Walsh, M.; Clendenning, M.; Walters, R.; Pearson, S.; Pavluk, E.; Nagler, B.; Pakenas, D.; Jass, J.; Jenkins, M.; Win, A.; Southey, M.; Parry, S.; Hopper, J.; Giles, G.; Williamson, E.; English, D.; Buchanan, D.
2013PIK3CA activating mutation in colorectal carcinoma: associations with molecular features and survivalRosty, C.; Young, J.; Walsh, M.; Clendenning, M.; Sanderson, K.; Walters, R.; Parry, S.; Jenkins, M.; Win, A.; Southey, M.; Hopper, J.; Giles, G.; Williamson, E.; English, D.; Buchanan, D.
2013Multiplicity and molecular heterogeneity of colorectal carcinomas in individuals with serrated polyposisRosty, C.; Walsh, M.; Walters, R.; Clendenning, M.; Pearson, S.; Jenkins, M.; Win, A.; Hopper, J.; Sweet, K.; Frankel, W.; Aronson, M.; Gallinger, S.; Goldblatt, J.; Tucker, K.; Greening, S.; Gattas, M.; Woodall, S.; Arnold, J.; Walker, N.; Parry, S.; et al.
2013A multifactorial likelihood model for mmr gene variant classification incorporating probabilities based on sequence bioinformatics and tumor characteristics: a report from the Colon Cancer Family RegistryThompson, B.; Goldgar, D.; Paterson, C.; Clendenning, M.; Walters, R.; Arnold, S.; Parsons, M.; Michael, W.; Gallinger, S.; Haile, R.; Hopper, J.; Jenkins, M.; LeMarchand, L.; Lindor, N.; Newcomb, P.; Thibodeau, S.; Colon Cancer Family Registry; Young, J.; Buchanan, D.; Tavtigian, S.; et al.
2013Family history of colorectal cancer in BRAF p.V600E-mutated colorectal cancer casesBuchanan, D.; Win, A.; Walsh, M.; Walters, R.; Clendenning, M.; Nagler, B.; Pearson, S.; Macrae, F.; Parry, S.; Arnold, J.; Winship, I.; Giles, G.; Lindor, N.; Potter, J.; Hopper, J.; Rosty, C.; Young, J.; Jenkins, M.
2013Expression of MUC2, MUC5AC, MUC5B, and MUC6 mucins in colorectal cancers and their association with the CpG island methylator phenotypeWalsh, M.; Clendenning, M.; Williamson, E.; Pearson, S.; Walters, R.; Nagler, B.; Packenas, D.; Win, A.; Hopper, J.; Jenkins, M.; Haydon, A.; Rosty, C.; English, D.; Giles, G.; McGuckin, M.; Young, J.; Buchanan, D.
2013Are the common genetic variants associated with colorectal cancer risk for DNA mismatch repair gene mutation carriers?Win, A.; Hopper, J.; Buchanan, D.; Young, J.; Tenesa, A.; Dowty, J.; Giles, G.; Goldblatt, J.; Winship, I.; Boussioutas, A.; Young, G.; Parry, S.; Baron, J.; Duggan, D.; Gallinger, S.; Newcomb, P.; Haile, R.; Marchand, L.; Lindor, N.; Jenkins, M.
2013Risks of colorectal and other cancers after endometrial cancer for women with lynch syndromeWin, A.; Lindor, N.; Winship, I.; Tucker, K.; Buchanan, D.; Young, J.; Rosty, C.; Leggett, B.; Giles, G.; Goldblatt, J.; Macrae, F.; Parry, S.; Kalady, M.; Baron, J.; Ahnen, D.; Marchand, L.; Gallinger, S.; Haile, R.; Newcomb, P.; Hopper, J.; et al.
2013BRAFV600E immunohistochemistry facilitates universal screening of colorectal cancers for Lynch syndromeToon, C.; Walsh, M.; Chou, A.; Capper, D.; Clarkson, A.; Sioson, L.; Clarke, S.; Mead, S.; Walters, R.; Clendenning, M.; Rosty, C.; Young, J.; Win, A.; Hopper, J.; Crook, A.; von Deimling, A.; Jenkins, M.; Buchanan, D.; Gill, A.
2013Association between hypermethylation of DNA repetitive elements in white blood cell DNA and early-onset colorectal cancerWalters, R.; Williamson, E.; English, D.; Young, J.; Rosty, C.; Clendenning, M.; Walsh, M.; Parry, S.; Ahnen, D.; Baron, J.; Win, A.; Giles, G.; Hopper, J.; Jenkins, M.; Buchanan, D.