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2013Myocardial 'no-reflow' - Diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatmentWong, T.; Puri, R.; Richardson, J.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.
2013Intracoronary ECG during primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction predicts microvascular obstruction and infarct sizeWong, T.; Leung, M.; Das, R.; Liew, G.; Teo, K.; Chew, D.; Meredith, I.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.
2013The innocent bystander: papillary fibroelastomaLi, A.; Azarisman, S.; Teo, K.; Worthley, M.; Sidharta, S.; Glenie, T.; Samaraie, L.; Chuah, S.; Bailie, T.; Stuklis, R.; Worthley, S.
2013An ideal image: Effusive constrictive pericarditisAzarisman, S.; Richardson, J.; Chua, S.; Cunningham, M.; Teo, K.; Worthley, S.
2013Relationship of aortic annular eccentricity and paravalvular regurgitation post transcatheter aortic valve implantation with CoreValveWong, T.; Bertaso, A.; Liew, G.; Thomson, V.; Cunnington, M.; Richardson, J.; Gooley, R.; Lockwood, S.; Meredith, I.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.
2013Safety and efficacy of a multi-electrode renal sympathetic denervation system in resistant hypertension: The EnligHTN I trialWorthley, S.; Tsioufis, C.; Worthley, M.; Sinhal, A.; Chew, D.; Meredith, I.; Malaiapan, Y.; Papademetriou, V.
2013Transluminal attenuation gradient in coronary computed tomography angiography is a novel noninvasive approach to the identification of functionally significant coronary artery stenosis: a comparison with fractional flow reserveWong, D.; Ko, B.; Cameron, J.; Nerlekar, N.; Leung, M.; Malaiapan, Y.; Crossett, M.; Leong, D.; Worthley, S.; Troupis, J.; Meredith, I.; Seneviratne, S.
2013Optimal planimetry location for MRI-derived mitral inflow velocity assessment of diastolic functionAzarisman, S.; Li, A.; Richardson, J.; Wong, T.; Chua, S.; Cursaro, M.; Schirripa, V.; Williams, K.; Koschade, B.; Shirazi, M.; Bradley, J.; Teo, K.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.; 16th Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions (31 Jan 2013 - 03 Feb 2013 : San Francisco, California)
2013Tissue injury characterization by pre-contrast T1 mapping post myocardial infarctionAzarisman, S.; Li, A.; Wong, D.; Richardson, J.; Chua, S.; Samaraie, L.; Sidharta, S.; Glenie, T.; Williams, K.; Koschade, B.; Teo, K.; Worthley, M.; Worthley, S.; 16th Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions (31 Jan 2013 - 03 Feb 2013 : San Francisco, California)
2013Obesity results in progressive atrial structural and electrical remodeling: Implications for atrial fibrillationAbed, H.; Samuel, C.; Lau, D.; Kelly, D.; Royce, S.; Alasady, M.; Mahajan, R.; Kuklik, P.; Zhang, Y.; Brooks, A.; Nelson, A.; Worthley, S.; Abhayaratna, W.; Kalman, J.; Wittert, G.; Sanders, P.