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2014A pilot study to assess the impact of patient, genetic and disease factors on response to the disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug leflunomideWiese, M.; Hopkins, A.; Spargo, L.; McWilliams, L.; O'Doherty, C.; Cleland, L.; Proudman, S.; Australian Rheumatology Association 55th Annual Scientific Meeting (17 May 2014 - 20 May 2014 : Hobart, Tasmania)
2014Potential role of the lectin pathway of complement in the pathogenesis and disease manifestations of systemic sclerosis: a case-control and cohort studyOsthoff, M.; Ngian, G.; Dean, M.; Nikpour, M.; Stevens, W.; Proudman, S.; Eisen, D.; Sahhar, J.
2014An immunochip-based interrogation of scleroderma susceptibility variants identifies a novel association at DNASE1L3Zochling, J.; Newell, F.; Charlesworth, J.; Leo, P.; Stankovich, J.; Cortes, A.; Zhou, Y.; Stevens, W.; Sahhar, J.; Roddy, J.; Nash, P.; Tymms, K.; Rischmueller, M.; Lester, S.; Proudman, S.; Brown, M.
2014Rheumatoid arthritis and lung disease: from mechanisms to a practical approachLake, F.; Proudman, S.
2014Mycophenolate mofetil versus azathioprine in scleroderma-associated interstitial lung disease: results from the Australian Scleroderma Cohort StudyOwen, C.; Ngian, G.; Moore, O.; Stevens, W.; Proudman, S.; Roddy, J.; Zochling, J.; Nash, P.; Hill, C.; Sturgess, A.; Sahhar, J.; Australian Rheumatology Association 55th Annual Scientific Meeting (17 May 2014 - 20 May 2014 : Hobart, Tasmania)
2014The association of antiphospholipid antibodies with cardiopulmonary manifestations of systemic sclerosisMorrisroe, K.; Stevens, W.; Nandurkar, H.; Prior, D.; Thakkar, V.; Roddy, J.; Zochling, J.; Sahhar, J.; Tymms, K.; Sturgess, A.; Major, G.; Kermeen, F.; Hill, C.; Walker, J.; Nash, P.; Gabbay, E.; Youssef, P.; Proudman, S.; Nikpour, M.
2014Cardiac arrhythmias and conduction defects in systemic sclerosisVacca, A.; Meune, C.; Gordon, J.; Chung, L.; Proudman, S.; Assassi, S.; Nikpour, M.; Rodriguez-Reyna, T.; Khanna, D.; Lafyatis, R.; Matucci-Cerinic, M.; Distler, O.; Allanore, Y.
2014Decline in hand bone mineral density indicates increased risk of erosive change in early rheumatoid arthritisBlack, R.; Spargo, L.; Schultz, C.; Chatterton, B.; Cleland, L.; Lester, S.; Hill, C.; Proudman, S.
2014Pharmacogenomics of NAT2 and ABCG2 influence the toxicity and efficacy of sulphasalazine containing DMARD regimens in early rheumatoid arthritisWiese, M.; Alotaibi, N.; O'Doherty, C.; Sorich, M.; Suppiah, V.; Cleland, L.; Proudman, S.
2014Individualization of leflunomide dosing in rheumatoid arthritis patientsHopkins, A.; O'Doherty, C.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.; Proudman, S.; Wiese, M.