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2016Platelet hyperaggregability in patients with atrial fibrillation: Evidence of a background proinflammatory milieuProcter, N.; Ball, J.; Ngo, D.; Chirkov, Y.; Isenberg, J.; Hylek, E.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2016Platelet reactivity is independent of left atrial wall deformation in patients with atrial fibrillationProcter, N.; Goh, V.; Mahadevan, G.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2016History of bleeding and outcomes with apixaban versus warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation in the Apixaban for Reduction in Stroke and Other Thromboembolic Events in Atrial Fibrillation trialDe Caterina, R.; Andersson, U.; Alexander, J.; Al-Khatib, S.; Bahit, M.; Goto, S.; Hanna, M.; Held, C.; Hohnloser, S.; Hylek, E.; Lanas, F.; Lopes, R.; López-Sendón, J.; Renda, G.; Horowitz, J.; Granger, C.; Wallentin, L.
2016Right ventricular involvement and recovery after acute stress-induced (Tako-tsubo) cardiomyopathyScally, C.; Ahearn, T.; Rudd, A.; Neil, C.; Srivanasan, J.; Jagpal, B.; Horowitz, J.; Frenneaux, M.; Dawson, D.
2016Drugs that Affect Cardiac Metabolism: focus on PerhexilineChong, C.; Sallustio, B.; Horowitz, J.
2016Can perhexiline be utilized without long-term toxicity? A clinical practice auditPhuong, H.; Choi, B.; Chong, C.; Raman, B.; Horowitz, J.
2016New-onset atrial fibrillation and thromboembolic risk: Cardiovascular syzygy?Procter, N.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2016Therapeutic potential of nitroxyl (HNO) donors in the management of acute decompensated heart failureKemp-Harper, B.; Horowitz, J.; Ritchie, R.
2016Glycocalyx shedding is markedly increased during the acute phase of Takotsubo cardiomyopathyNguyen, T.; Liu, S.; Ong, G.; Stafford, I.; Frenneaux, M.; Horowitz, J.; American Heart Association Scientific Sessions and Resuscitation Science Symposium 2016 (12 Nov 2016 - 16 Nov 2016 : New Orleans, LA)
2016Biomarkers of inflammation and risk of cardiovascular events in anticoagulated patients with atrial fibrillationHijazi, Z.; Aulin, J.; Andersson, U.; Alexander, J.; Gersh, B.; Granger, C.; Hanna, M.; Horowitz, J.; Hylek, E.; Lopes, R.; Siegbahn, A.; Wallentin, L.