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2016A systematic review and meta-analysis of primary prevention programmes to improve cardio-metabolic risk in non-urban communitiesRodrigues, A.; Ball, J.; Ski, C.; Stewart, S.; Carrington, M.
2016Platelet hyperaggregability in patients with atrial fibrillation: Evidence of a background proinflammatory milieuProcter, N.; Ball, J.; Ngo, D.; Chirkov, Y.; Isenberg, J.; Hylek, E.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2016Impact of nurse-led, multidisciplinary home-based intervention on event-free survival across the spectrum of chronic heart diseaseStewart, S.; Wiley, J.; Ball, J.; Chan, Y.; Ahamed, Y.; Thompson, D.; Carrington, M.
2016Systematic review of trial-based analyses reporting the economic impact of heart failure management programs compared with usual careMaru, S.; Byrnes, J.; Carrington, M.; Stewart, S.; Scuffham, P.
2016Overcoming the tyranny of distance: an analysis of outreach visits to optimise secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in high-risk individuals living in Central AustraliaTuttle, C.; Carrington, M.; Stewart, S.; Brown, A.
2016The causes, treatment, and outcome of pulmonary hypertension in Africa: insights from the Pan African Pulmonary Hypertension Cohort (PAPUCO) RegistryThienemann, F.; Dzudie, A.; Mocumbi, A.; Blauwet, L.; Sani, M.; Karaye, K.; Ogah, O.; Mbanze, I.; Mbakwem, A.; Udo, P.; Tibazarwa, K.; Damasceno, A.; Keates, A.; Stewart, S.; Sliwa, K.
2016Addressing the conundrum of multimorbidity in heart failure: do we need a more strategic approach to improve health outcomes?Stewart, S.; Riegel, B.; Thompson, D.
2016Current and projected burden of heart failure in the Australian adult population: a substantive but still ill-defined major health issueChan, Y.; Tuttle, C.; Ball, J.; Teng, T.; Ahamed, Y.; Carrington, M.; Stewart, S.
2016Establishing a pragmatic framework to optimise health outcomes in heart failure and multimorbidity (ARISE-HF): a multidisciplinary position statementStewart, S.; Riegel, B.; Boyd, C.; Ahamed, Y.; Thompson, D.; Burrell, L.; Carrington, M.; Coats, A.; Granger, B.; Hides, J.; Weintraub, W.; Moser, D.; Dickson, V.; McDermott, C.; Keates, A.; Rich, M.
2016Is the last “man” standing in comedy the least funny? A retrospective cohort study of elite stand-up comedians versus other entertainersStewart, S.; Wiley, J.; McDermott, C.; Thompson, D.