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2018Assessment of fetal kidney growth and birth weight in an Indigenous Australian cohortDiehm, C.; Lumbers, E.; Weatherall, L.; Keogh, L.; Eades, S.; Brown, A.; Smith, R.; Johnson, V.; Pringle, K.; Rae, K.
2018Medical management of rheumatic heart disease: a systematic review of the evidenceRussell, E.A.; Walsh, W.F.; Costello, B.; McLellan, A.J.; Brown, A.; Reid, C.M.; Tran, L.; Maguire, G.P.
2018Differential effects on gene transcription and hematopoietic differentiation correlate with GATA2 mutant disease phenotypesChong, C.-.E.; Venugopal, P.; Stokes, P.; Lee, Y.; Brautigan, P.; Yeung, D.; Babic, M.; Engler, G.; Lane, S.; Klingler-Hoffmann, M.; Matthews, J.; D'Andrea, R.; Brown, A.; Hahn, C.; Scott, H.
2018"I feel more comfortable speaking to a male": Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men's discourse on utilizing primary health care servicesCanuto, K.; Wittert, G.; Harfield, S.; Brown, A.
2018Diabetic retinopathy in a remote Indigenous primary healthcare population: a Central Australian diabetic retinopathy screening study in the Telehealth Eye and Associated Medical Services Network projectBrazionis, L.; Jenkins, A.; Keech, A.; Ryan, C.; Brown, A.; Boffa, J.; Bursell, S.; CRE in Diabetic Retinopathy and the TEAMSnet Study Group
2018Comorbidities contribute to the risk of cancer death among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal South Australians: analysis of a matched cohort studyBanham, D.; Roder, D.; Brown, A.
2018Chilli intake is inversely associated with hypertension among adultsShi, Z.; Riley, M.; Brown, A.; Page, A.
2018Improving postpartum screening after diabetes in pregnancy: results of a pilot study in remote AustraliaKirkham, R.; MacKay, D.; Barzi, F.; Whitbread, C.; Kirkwood, M.; Graham, S.; Van Dokkum, P.; McIntyre, H.; Shaw, J.; Brown, A.; O'Dea, K.; Connors, C.; Oats, J.; Zimmet, P.; Boyle, J.; Maple-Brown, L.
2018Excess stroke incidence in young Aboriginal people in South Australia: pooled results from two population-based studiesBalabanski, A.; Newbury, J.; Leyden, J.; Arima, H.; Anderson, C.; Castle, S.; Cranefield, J.; Paterson, T.; Thrift, A.; Katzenellenbogen, J.; Brown, A.; Kleinig, T.
2018A four-gene lincRNA expression signature predicts risk in multiple cohorts of acute myeloid leukemia patientsBeck, D.; Thoms, J.; Palu, C.; Herold, T.; Shah, A.; Olivier, J.; Boelen, L.; Huang, Y.; Chacon, D.; Brown, A.; Babic, M.; Hahn, C.; Perugini, M.; Zhou, X.; Huntly, B.; Schwarzer, A.; Klusmann, J.-.H.; Berdel, W.; Wörmann, B.; Büchner, T.; et al.