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2018Advances in lipid-lowering therapy through gene-silencing technologiesNordestgaard, B.; Nicholls, S.; Langsted, A.; Ray, K.; Tybjærg-Hansen, A.
2018Eradicating the burden of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by lowering apolipoprotein B lipoproteins earlier in lifeRobinson, J.; Williams, K.; Gidding, S.; Borén, J.; Tabas, I.; Fisher, E.; Packard, C.; Pencina, M.; Fayad, Z.; Mani, V.; Rye, K.; Nordestgaard, B.; Tybjærg-Hansen, A.; Douglas, P.; Nicholls, S.; Pagidipati, N.; Sniderman, A.
2018Extent of coronary atherosclerosis and arterial remodelling in women: the NHLBI-sponsored Women's Ischemia Syndrome EvaluationNicholls, S.; Tuzcu, E.; Wolski, K.; Johnson, B.; Sopko, G.; Sharaf, B.; Pepine, C.; Nissen, S.; Merz, C.
2018Myeloperoxidase modification of high-density lipoprotein suppresses human endothelial cell proliferation and migration via inhibition of ERK1/2 and Akt activationChen, X.; Duong, M.; Nicholls, S.; Bursill, C.
2018Intravascular ultrasound studies of plaque progression and regression: impact of lipid-modifying therapiesShishikura, D.; Honda, S.; Andrews, J.; Nicholls, S.
2018Association of lipoprotein(a) with risk of recurrent ischemic events following acute coronary syndrome: analysis of the dal-outcomes randomized clinical trialSchwartz, G.; Ballantyne, C.; Barter, P.; Kallend, D.; Leiter, L.; Leitersdorf, E.; McMurray, J.; Nicholls, S.; Olsson, A.; Shah, P.; Tardif, J.-.C.; Kittelson, J.
2018Rationale and design of a trial to personalize risk assessment in familial coronary artery diseaseMarwick, T.; Whitmore, K.; Nicholls, S.; Stanton, T.; Mitchell, G.; Tonkin, A.; Blizzard, C.; Neil, A.; Jones, C.; Watts, G.
2018High-density lipoproteins and apolipoprotein A-I improve stent biocompatibility: recent evidence from experimental models and clinical studiesVanags, L.; Wong, N.; Nicholls, S.; Bursill, C.
2018Monitoring the response to Statin therapy: one scan at a timeNicholls, S.; Nelson, A.
2018Triglyceride-to-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio and vulnerable plaque features with statin therapy in diabetic patients with coronary artery disease: frequency-domain optical coherence tomography analysisTakata, K.; Kataoka, Y.; Andrews, J.; Puri, R.; Hammadah, M.; Duggal, B.; Kapadia, S.; Tuzcu, E.; Nissen, S.; Nicholls, S.