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2015Protection of the marine environment from offshore oil and gas activitiesLiu, N.; Rayfuse, R.
2011Damage on the stress-strain behaviour of cement-mixed gravel by unloadingTaheri, A.; Tatsuoka, F.; Japan Geotechnical Society Conference (JGS) (5 Jul 2011 - 7 Jul 2011 : Kobe, Japan)
2015Surgical site infection-a population-based study in Australian adults measuring the compliance with and correct timing of appropriate antibiotic prophylaxisHooper, T.; Hibbert, P.; Hannaford, N.; Jackson, N.; Hindmarsh, D.; Gordon, D.; Coiera, E.; Runciman, W.
2014Sexting: time for some changes to the law?Langos, C.
2016Facile and controllable route for nitrogen doping of carbon nanotubes composite membranes by catalyst-free chemical vapour depositionAlsawat, M.; Altalhi, T.; Santos, A.; Losic, D.
2016Cycling and the lawAppleby, G.; Webster, A.
2016Between philosophy and art: a collaboration at The Lock-Up, NewcastleMcMahon, J.; Coleman, E.; Macarthur, D.; Phillips, J.; Sturmer, D.
2015Gold-and molybdenum-tungsten-bearing mineral systems of the southern Thomson Orogen, AustraliaArmistead, S.E.; Skirrow, R.; Society of Economic Geologists (27 Sep 2015 - 30 Sep 2015 : Hobart, Australia)
2014Thermo-physical stability of fatty acid eutectic mixtures subjected to accelerated aging for thermal energy storage (TES) applicationFauzi, H.; Metselaar, H.; Mahlia, T.; Silakhori, M.
2016Executive power under the constitution: a presidential and parliamentary system comparedAppleby, G.; Webster, A.