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1997The Maculatin Peptides from Litoria genimaculataRozek, T.; Waugh, R.; Steinborner, S.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
1998The maculatin peptides from the skin glands of the tree frog litoria genimaculata: a comparison of the structures and antibacterial activities of Maculatin 1.1 and Caerin 1.1Rozek, T.; Waugh, R.; Steinborner, S.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.
1999The solution structure of uperin 3.6, an antibiotic peptide from the granular dorsal glands of the Australian toadlet, Uperoleia mjobergiiChia, B.; Carver, J.; Mulhern, T.; Bowie, J.
1998Host defense peptides from the skin glands of Australian amphibians: A powerful chemical arsenalBowie, J.; Chia, C.; Tyler, M.
1997The gas phase cannizzaro disproportionation reactionSheldon, J.; Bowie, J.; Dua, S.; Smith, J.; O'Hair, R.
1998First record of host defence peptides in tadpoles. The magnificent tree frog Litoria splendidaWabnitz, P.; Walters, H.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.; Bowie, J.
1996The negative ion mass spectra of deprotonated 2,5-diketopiperazinesBowie, J.; Wabnitz, P.; Waugh, R.; Eckersley, M.; Dua, S.; Blumenthal, T.
1998Syntheses of angucyclinones related to ochromycinoneRozek, T.; Janowski, W.; Hevko, J.; Tiekink, E.; Dua, S.; Stone, D.; Bowie, J.
1999Interstellar molecules. Conversion of C₃O− to C₃O in the gas phaseBlanksby, S.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1999Characterization of [M-H] cations, radicals and anions of glycine in the gas phase: A combined experimental and Ab initio studyO'Hair, R.; Blanksby, S.; Styles, M.; Bowie, J.