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1993Germination of Pterostylis arenicola - an endangered greenhood orchid from South AustraliaJusaitis, M.; Sorensen, B.
1993NOx reduction in flames by modification of turbulence with jet precessionNathan, G.; Brumale, S.; Proctor, D.; Luxton, R.; International Conference on Combustion & Emissions Control (1st : 1993 : Cardiff, UK)
1993Conservation studies on four endangered plants from Kangaroo Island, South Australia : final report, ANPWS Endangered Species Program Project #ESP-17Jusaitis, M.
1993Development of Sturt's Desert Pea for flowering-pot and cut-flower production: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation Report: Project # BGA-IAJusaitis, M.; Schmerl, C.
1993Pipe network optimisation using genetic algorithmsSimpson, A.; Murphy, L.; Dandy, G.; Specialty Conference of Water Resources Planning and Management Division (1993 : Seattle, Washington, USA)
1993The application of genetic algorithms to optimisation problems in geotechnicsSimpson, A.; Priest, S.
1993Closure for "Large water-hammer pressure for column separation in pipelines"Simpson, A.; Wylie, E.
1993A low NOₓ gas burner with a radiant flameNathan, G.; Luxton, R.
1993A review of pipe network optimisation techniquesDandy, G.; Simpson, A.; Murphy, L.; Australasian Conference on Computing for the Water Industry Today and Tomorrow (2nd : 1993 : Melbourne, Victoria)
1993An Australian koine: Dhuwaya, a variety of Yolŋu Matha spoken at Yirrkala in North East ArnhemlandAmery, R.