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2006Choline transporter: an additional marker of cholinergic nerves in the enteric nervous systemHarrington, A.; Lee, M.; Ong, S.; Yong, E.; Farmer, P.; Hutson, J.; Southwell, B.; Digestive Disease Week (2006 : Los Angeles, USA)
2009Inflammation-induced increase in hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated channel protein in trigeminal ganglion neurons and the effect of buprenorphineCho, H.; Staikopoulos, V.; Furness, J.; Jennings, E.
2008Thermosensitive polymer-conjugated albumin nanospheres as thermal targeting anti-cancer drug carrierShen, Z.; Wei, W.; Zhao, Y.; Ma, G.; Dobashi, T.; Maki, Y.; Su, Z.; Wan, J.
2006A numerical study of spray particle deposition in a human nasal cavityInthavong, K.; Tian, Z.; Li, H.; Tu, J.; Yang, W.; Xue, C.; Li, C.
2008Preparation and characterization of thermo-responsive albumin nanospheresShen, Z.; Ma, G.; Dobashi, T.; Maki, Y.; Su, Z.
2010Dansyl substituted poly(acrylate)s: Synthesis, host-guest complexation, and viscosity study at molecular and macroscopic levelsPham, D.; Wang, J.; Kee, T.; Guo, X.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Prud'homme, R.
2007A finite element method for granular flow through a frictional boundaryWu, Y.; Hill, J.; Yu, A.
2010Tissue transplantation from children: Difficulties in navigating state and federal systemsThen, S.; Appleby, G.
2010Planning for the canine fossa trephination approachTewfik, M.; Wormald, P.
2008Preparation of Hierarchical Hollow CaCO Particles and the Appllication as Anticancer Drug CarrierWei, W.; Ma, G.; Hu, G.; Mcleish, T.; Su, Z.; Shen, Z.