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2012Changes in gastrointestinal motor and sensory function associated with ageingRayner, C.K.; Horowitz, M.
1998The 1997 CRCV National Vineyard Fruit Composition Survey - ShirazFrancis, I.; Armstrong, H.; Cynkar, W.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Iland, P.; Williams, P.
2005Heavy metal research in Vietnam: an overviewZarcinas, B.; McLaughlin, M.; Ha, P.; Cozens, G.; International Conference on Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (8th : 2005 : Adelaide, Australia)
1995Natural killer cell receptor for HLA-B allotypes, NKB1 map position 19q13.4Baker, E.; D'Andrea, A.; Phillips, J.; Sutherland, G.; Lanier, L.
1995Human monocyte/neutrophil elastase inhibitor gene map position 6p25Oooms, L.; Nicholl, J.; Bird, P.; Sutherland, G.
1999Grapevine shoot growth and stomatal conductance are reduced when part of the root system is driedDry, P.; Loveys, B.
2012Estimating prevalence of distant metastatic breast cancer: a means of filling a data gapClements, M.; Roder, D.; Yu, X.; Egger, S.; O'Connell, D.
2012New frontiers in mucositisPeterson, D.; Keefe, D.; Sonis, S.; 48th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (01 Jun 2012 - 05 Jun 2012 : Chicago, Illinois)
2017Chronic oral administration of linaclotide inhibits nociceptive signalling in response to noxious colorectal distension in a model of chronic visceral hypersensitivityCastro, J.; Deiteren, A.; Harrington, A.; Maddern, J.; Moore, J.; Garcia-Caraballo, S.; O'Donnell, T.; Grundy, L.; Hannig, G.; Kurtz, C.; Silos-Santiago, A.; Brierley, S.; Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2017 (06 May 2017 - 09 May 2017 : Chicago, IL)
2014Dashboard systems: implementing pharmacometrics from bench to bedsideMould, D.; Upton, R.; Wojciechowski, J.