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1998Femoral Trabecular Bone of Osteoarthritic and Normal Subjects in an Age and Sex Matched GroupFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1998Natural history of anterior knee pain: a 14- to 20- year follow-up of nonoperative managementNimon, G.; Murray, D.; Sandow, M.; Goodfellow, J.
1998Suprascapular nerve rotator cuff compression syndrome in volleyball playersSandow, M.; Ilic, J.
2013The effect of exogenous glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide in combination with glucagon-like peptide-1 on glycemia in the critically illLee, M.; Fraser, J.; Chapman, M.; Sundararajan, K.; Umapathysivam, M.; Summers, M.; Zaknic, A.; Rayner, C.; Meier, J.; Horowitz, M.; Deane, A.
2008Fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 phosphorylation on serine 779 couples to 14-3-3 and regulates cell survival and proliferationLonic, A.; Barry, E.; Quach, C.; Kobe, B.; Saunders, N.; Guthridge, M.
2007Application of the neuroblastoma assay for paralytic shellfish poisons to neurotoxic freshwater cyanobacteria: interlaboratory calibration and comparison with other methods of analysisHumpage, A.; Ledreux, A.; Fanok, S.; Bernard, C.; Briand, J.
2006Observations and vital signs: ritual or vital for the monitoring of postoperative patients?Zeitz, K.; McCutcheon, H.
2009Effect of experimental pain on EMG-activity in human jaw-closing muscles in different jaw positionsBaad-Hansen, L.; Hara, S.; Marumo, Y.; Miles, T.; Svensson, P.
2007Bacterial degradation of microcystin toxins in drinking water eliminates their toxicityHo, L.; Gaudieux, A.; Fanok, S.; Newcombe, G.; Humpage, A.
2005Nursing observations during the first 24 hours after a surgical procedure: what do we do?Zeitz, K.